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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Aldi’s $2.99 Singles Sale (Special Case D)

“LaneChange” sends along some great photos and info on the Aldi’s Easter sale.

aldi ad

CARS & Monster Jam $2.99 (plus Barbie)

They got a special dump bin for their promotions.

Aldi bin

It’s essentially CASE D but a couple extra Sarge’s and only one Krate Rainson-Wash but close enough …

From “LaneChange,” The shipper I saw had the following:

UPDATE: While your store will get D case contents, it seems to be totally random, the warehouse that re-packed these simply filled up trays – presumably with the only instruction to make it sure there’s a variety and not 25 Shu’s – the rest is totally random so some stores, you might find only 1 of a particular diecast.

Collector’s Note – they stickered over the Mattel UPC so everything in this bin rings up as one UPC.

Sale starts today – “LaneChange” already has his safely at home. 🙂


Thanks for the photos, heads up & info, “LaneChange!”

Happy shopping – also note, if you are in the Aldi’s ad flyer area, you can take it to Walmart, Target and TRU for a price match!

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