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Target Canada Stores Opening

The first Target Canada stores are opening – some are unofficial soft launches in Ontario first …


The first stores are opening in in Guelph, Milton and Fergus, Ontario – ultimately opening 124 stores throughout Canada.

You can read more at CTVNews or at CBCNews.

Or the Target Store locater is here.

So, I guess is the big question is whether it looks just like the US stores?

Or in a snarky sense, does it look EXACTLY like the US Stores? 🙂

target empty

Are they cracking opening CASE A from 2011?  🙄

How’s CARS? How’s pricing – snap us some pics if you fight your way in.

How’s the poutine at the mini restaurant?


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  • CalgaryGuy says:

    I’m hoping they have lots of new cases. It’s still a couple months away from the first ones opening in my neck of the woods but my step-daughter is going to be working in one and they are having an exclusive family preview night a few weeks before it’s open to the public. It might be one of the few chances I have to find some brand items from fresh cases.

  • John in Missouri says:

    They’re all lined up outside the Exit!!

  • odisn says:

    I can tell you that a Target just opened in Holly Springs NC (outside of Raleigh/Durham) last week, and the singles cases with which they initially stocked the shelves appear to be case E from 2011. We weren’t even lucky enough to get the Galloping Geargrinder case, as reported on the boards as found at a new Target in Albuquerque NM, much less any 2013 cases.

  • Tom says:

    No maple leaf at the center of the bull’s eye?

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