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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Murder at the Speedway

The Unrated version of CARS …


Murder at the Speedway, Tonight … Are his brains still rattling around in the box or was that stolen by Moriarty Muffler?

Or, man – those ceramic brakes are really, really good.

A football player can get de-cleated, is this the racing equivalent of being de-riveted?

Or clearly in this ALT UNIVERSE version, Lightning is WAY over the Finish Line – WINNER! No need to go to cross country for the tie breaker. No Radiator Springs visit except when LM teams up with Big Biffmobile to bulldoze Radiator Springs into Lightning McQueen’s Pleasure Palace Casino & Hotel.

way, no way

Thanks for the great pic, “souchiro1.” Of course, you should be listing this on eBay as TOTALLY UNSPUN! $999.00! 🙂

(Toy diecasts not riveted as known as “unspun.”)

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