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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 2 Diecast: Metallic Rip – Kmart CARS Day Next Preview?

“Toyfountain” sends along these early pics of Silver/Chrome Metallic Rip Clutchgoneski …

Rip Chrome Pro

Presumably, he will be part of the mix at the next Kmart CARS Day – June, 2013.

Metallic front

What else will we get since the other 10 racers have already been released as crome metallic CARS?


Since the Hudson Hornet (sticker) Lightning McQueen (CARS 1 body) is available in Europe already, has not been released in the US* and they always include at least 1 Lightning McQueen in every set, that one seems pretty likely also.

* Of course, there is a chrome metallic red version included with the CARS Encyclopedia book.


But what else is/will be included?

In January, Disney alluded to a “silver series” line extension backed with a magazine encompassing CARS 1 and CARS 2 so will get the other non-racers done up in metallic chrome silver? Stay tuned.

Thanks for the fun pics of metallic Rip – thanks, “ToyFountain.”

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