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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Character Encyclopedia – Published!

Disney Pixar CARS: Character Encyclopedia has been released!

You get a free discast, a metallic paint version of “Lightning McQueen with Piston Cup (decal).”

What some sample pages looked like …

The Apple CAR was in there last time I looked, the first CARS Guide with him included!

Thanks ScoobyDoo for the nice pics … no, I do not have my copy YET.*

What typical pages looks like …

Size comparison – thanks for the comparison choice, “ScoobyDoo!” 🙂

ScoobyDoo also offers some advice …

“I managed to open the front. As there are no instructions, I’m sure many people will damage the book doing so.

On the bottom side of the book are two (see-through) stickers you have to cut. They hold the two layers of plastic together. Than you have to pull the back layer, being aware it hinges at the top side of the book.”

You also get a free poster which is a separate poster versus just a book cover disguised as a poster.

* Well, at least they spelled my name right …

Thanks for the nice pics, ScoobyDoo … maybe someone I will get to flip through the pages. 🙂  🙁

Amazon is shipping also now.




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