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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Wrestling Toon CARS Return

The Wrestling Monster Truck Mater Toon CARS have returned – now a Walmart exclusive … plus a price increase to $8.97.

Thanks for the nice photos, “Mariela P.” and “Moe A.”


These are the only 4 Deluxe singles on the list. And Moe says all the cardbacks look the same.

toon cardback

Thanks Mariela and Moe!

And noted by “e1jnky,” I-Screamer is not the list of diecasts but since he’s revealed on the back, it does seem pretty likely we will see a second wave (at least).

Amazon still has the nice Wrassin’ Ring playset/display … at a nice price.


Drop us a line & photo if you spot the 3-pack!


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