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Mattel Disney Toons PLANES: The Singles Checklist

Here are the first 17 PLANES listed on the singles list. You can see larger photos of the 4 main characters HERE. I’m presuming since the the Dusty listed here is called “Racing Dusty” that the single release version is a repaint of the “main” version (only available with his Pitty in the Gift Set). The only other known character is SKIPPER, the flight school owner (Vought F4U Corsair, I’m presuming) from AIR MATER … the others are unknown as of now but we have a slew of names.

From AIR MATER and the PLANES trailer, there are only a few other PLANES featured … the announcer might have a name stenciled on his side, I did not bother to pop it into the big screen … and the fighter jets might be ECHO or BRAVO … but the screenshots are listed at the end.

By the way, they are already working on a sequel – I guess Goose & Maverick will make an appearance in that one.

planes singles checklist

Rochelle is presumably Dusty’s love interest … in this case the singles bar dialogue is actually literal and figurative (shot down in flames, wingman, wrong runway, mid air refueling, going in for the … should I go on?  🙂  ).

Or is this the Rochelle, Rochelle from Seinfeld? Then it might be rated R. 🙂

Will you plain collect them all?

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