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Disney Pixar CARS: Disney Store Frank, Frankly, the Same …

There was some question whether the Frank in the Disney Store CARS Frank-Tractor Tipping Set was different than the Frank box release from a year’s ago … while I did not buy the newest set, TopherDawg sent along great pics from upside down and all around and it looks pretty much the exact same …


About the only real difference is the production date code is in black while the older release was in white and stamped closer to the combine area – but since this set contains 3 Tractors, a Mater & Lightning, it’s not like anyone will get the two confused sealed (the original was Frank only) … and opened, they are identical other than the date code – I’m not sure anyone would care opened if it’s from 2008 or from 2012 … but in case you wanted to know, thanks for the great photos, TopperDawg.

frank below

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