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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Kmart CARS Day #5 – How Did It Go?

Comment below or send us email & pics of how your Kmart CARS Day went?

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23 October 2010 Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 204 Comments


  • Shane says:

    At my local store it was only myself and an older guy there, and we were the only two at the previous Cars day as well. The woman with the cases made us wait until exactly 11, and then called the manager to make sure she could open them. Then as everyone said, they announced it over the PA. No one else showed up, so they let us have at whatever we wanted. I only needed 6 of them, and the older guy was getting 5 of each. He claimed he was getting them as an investment for each of his grandchildren, and if that’s true no one can fault him for that. It was just funny how they were making sure to wait until exactly 11 when no one else showed up for this or the last one, and the woman ended up leaving the boxes on display furniture and they were still sitting there with the remainder of the leftovers inside them by the next weekend, lol.

    (MET: Better than the story of the store that held the event when the toy guy felt like it … not this year but still …).

  • PVHaulerNo.16 says:

    Does anyone have an extra 30 by 30 poster from this event or previous one that they want to sell? If so, how much would they cost? I would like them.

    • raw says:

      I have one, but don’t know what it’s worth, or should I say “valued” at. Let me know what you think. I would imagine shipping would be pricey.

      • PVHaulerNo.16 says:

        I think, based on eBay, they’re only worth $3 if that. People rarely list those types of posters, and I rarely see them sell. And, I calculated shipping costs, and first class shipping is only about $3, and Priority Mail is just over $5 with USPS. See for yourself.

  • kc says:

    It was my sons and i first car event, and we had a blast, actually won the raffle to open the first two boxes, my son got to pick all the cars that had been missing from his collection, and he even won a poster. As far as other people there were about 6 people, and a few straglers, i even schooled some ladies into starting to collect for their grandsons! Very enjoyable experience!

  • NascarFan says:

    Jason K:

    I have posted that they are shipping credit card orders today, and other posts people are getting shipment emails

    Patience they are working on it

  • Jason K says:

    So has anybody gotten their confirmation email?
    I haven’t gotten a thing yet.
    Which really worries me, since I didn’t purchase as many cars as usual at the in-store event, knowing I had purchased a case.
    And with the $5 off coupon–I could have saved even more money purchasing the cars in the store. However, I want to support poor Kmart, so I went ahead and ordered a case as well as purchasing a few cars to open at the in store.

    Now, I will be extremely upset if the case I ordered never arrives, thus no carded set!

    • Rebecca says:

      Jason I don’t have anything either so don’t feel bad. I did purchase more than enough from the store just in case it never comes. At least I won’t have to pay for them either if for som reason they don’t send them.

  • Jacob says:

    I was not in town on the 23rd. I went to my Kmart on the 24th and not one of the boxes had been opened! I got all of the posters! I got everything I needed! No one was there on the 23rd! lol

  • jambouk says:

    The kmart cars that showed in the UK at disney store have very nice paint jobs….no marks or flat paint, might be the new factory and equipment.

  • jestrjef says:

    Kmart Day 5 was just a smooth as the last three. The folks at the Deltona,FL Kmart did a fine job helping us get everything we needed! There were 4 people … myself, my 2 kids, and another gentleman that was getting cars for his grandson … and 2 master cases. There were plenty of cars to go around and plenty of extras left after we were done. Thanks to Kmart for putting on a fine event! Here’s to the next one!! πŸ˜€

  • cac1959 says:

    I was the only one at the Kmart I went to in a small western Ohio town… 2 master cases (they’ve had 3 for the last 3 events)… I helped the associate open and arrange the Cars… she asked if wanted the boxes to carry them in… She gave me 1 of each poster… I asked about the 30×30″ store event poster and explained that it had not been put out up front. She went to the back and brought it out to me – it was still in the plastic bag that it shipped in… absolutely mint.

    When I was done, I arranged the Cars in the tubs the best that I could.

    I had bought 3 of 17 3 packs the day before… all 14 remaining were still there when I left.

    I was hoping to see a Gask-Its with black rims as either a single or in a 3 pack, but didn’t find one.

    I called a couple friends who got me a few additional Chase Cars that I should be receiving later this week, as well as my pre-order cases.

  • materrocks says:

    Thornton, CO
    Oct. 24
    Has anyone gotten their confirmation email from Kmart about the collector cases being sent? So far I have not gotten one.

    • NascarFan says:


      I posted this its in older comments

      October 23, 2010 at 2:50 pm

      Kmart Pre Sales Customers:


      Orders are set to begin shipping on Monday. Shipment confirmation emails will begin going out on that date.


      S. T.
      Kmart Rep

  • materrocks says:

    Oct. 24
    First of all, Hi to Rebecca, in Colorado Springs. I didn’t know there was another cars collector in Colorado. Glad to know. The Kmart I usually go to for the cars event did not seem to be doing it this time, so I went to a smaller store in Broomfield. I usually would get up real early to get there when the store opens-but figured out, why bother, the event starts at 11:00 so this year I got there at 10:30. At that time it seemed promising-not very many people. The store manager was in charged of the event, he went by the book. They had 1 master case with 4 cases in them. He put them on the table, explain the rules, even had a timer so on one would take longer than 5 minutes picking out their cars. He did the riffle thing-picked tickets out of a container. I was the second one to be picked. I got the first five cars I wanted including chase McQueen. He also just gave the posters away as you number was called to pick your cars. I just waited around to all to have their chance, then all was able to go through the left over cars so I was able to pick the other 2 I wanted. All went well. I met Marcus’s mom there, she was in Colorado for a visit. I was glad I read Met post about stores only getting one master case. That fact scared me-so I ordered one from Kmart’s website in case I wasn’t able to get the cars I needed at the event. I haven’t had much luck ordering cars off their website, so I wasn’t taking any chances. I also think, that if you pre order cases, you should receive them before the event-what’s the purpose of going through the trouble. You know those cases are just sitting in their warehouse.

    I had a friend that was able to find heavy metal mater at a Target here. He’s selling for $ 29.99. It’s just a cute as can be. Sorry this post is so long, I had a lot to say, I guess.

    I would like to thank everyone on Take5 for informing me of everything going on with Cars, I usually read this at least twice a day. Thank you Met for all the good info and up to dates.

  • rick says:

    was super easy and here i was so freaking i would not get the last 2 cars to complete my collection. i am now the proud papa of a full set of 36, for now anyway considering cars2 is on its way. My location got 16 cases. It took a lot of sweat and angst and hard work to finish the collection.

  • cassa says:

    Sounds like you lot had a blast, shame I live in Denmark. would have loved taking my son to one of these events πŸ™‚

    Anyway, thanks to NascarFan for arranging a box to be sent to me later πŸ™‚


  • alberto alvarez says:

    I live in long Island,NY .I went to Kmart in NYC.Its located in Penn Station.It was great!.There were few people.Plenty of masters cases and boxes.Every body got what they want,free posters.Plenty of LM paint masqued.Then every body left happy.Great event.

  • Matt says:

    Have not seen a post here so wanted everyone to know that there are distribution errors in the cases. Two of the cases at our event had 5 Tex Dinocos in them, 5 Tows, 2 Flo’s, and other random assortments. Only had 2 racers and no chase. Open your cases when you get them.

  • Kevin W says:

    I went to the KMart in Douglasville, GA. The manager knew nothing about a “Disney Cars Event”. She called the toy manager. He never heard of it before either. I tried to explain that the cars were supposed to be available at 11:00. They said that was impossible because they usually put new merchandise out between 9:00 and 10:00. Fortunately, I was travelling today and that wasn’t the only KMart that I visited.

  • King of cars says:

    Welk, this was supposed to be my first live kmart cars event…
    I am in holiday in THE states (live in the Netherlands) but I missed because of some small car trouble πŸ™

    Later on I found everything I needed except 5x tach-o-mint and 2x paint mask mcqueen (promised some fellow collectors I would take them with me).

    Of anybody can help me with those Plessers let me know at:


    Thanks in advance for everything

  • Yobuster says:

    Today was a great day. It was my first cars event as i only picked this up recently. My wife and i was going to go to the one at Bellingham, WA but i figured there would be a ton of Canadians there so went to the one in Burlington instead. It was great, there were 7 customers and 2 master cases so everyone got a fresh case. Lucky my wife asked and got into the lineup, i was totally clueless where eveyrthing was. My wife and i each got a case. Got all the Piston cup racers i wanted (2 of each) and even 2 Paint-masked mcqueens. I also managed to find some from the june event. Some guy later told me that the event at Bellingham had 50 people waiting. Lucky i didn’t go to that one.

    I’m trying to track down all the previous rubber tire releases now. Would anyone have any they are willing to part with?

  • I was alone at my Kmart in MA. 16 boxes and no one to share the experience.
    I was awash in CARS. Many left behind.

  • Fillmore1234 says:

    My day… well, here’s how it went:

    9:15- decided that since our stupid K-Mart didn’t have the last Cars, we went to the one in Springfield, IL.
    11:05- Freaking out that we were 5 minutes late, lol
    11:10- After 5 minutes of wandering around, we found the set- they just got it out because it was just in the crummy boxes, which I did take. πŸ˜€
    Around 11:11- Some guy was there before us and took the 4 CHASE Paint Mask McQueens… luckily he gave one to us. SCORE!
    Around 11:25- Left K-Mart with 2 Cars Toons Posters, 1 Checklist Poster, (very nice) 2 Faux Wheel Drives, Gask-Its, and Dash Boardman’s, 1 of the CHASE McQueen, 1 Kathy Copter, 1 Transberry Juice, (leftover from the last one) 1 Sidewall Shine, 1 Tach-O-Mint, and 1 View Zeen. Happy!!
    11:30- Went to Toys ‘R’ Us and found the Santa Car- YAY!
    12:00- Ate at Burger King…
    12:45- Went to Target and scored an Artie.

    So the day went well, got some other stuff, like Books and Iron man 2 on Blu-Ray. Over all I think the total price came up to be about $150.00. I need a new job…

    • Fillmore1234 says:

      I’ve been reading the comments and everyone is talking about a raffle. Even though I got what I wanted, poor service. They just flopped 4 cases onto some crummy plastic Table at the very edge of the Toys. There was nothing raffled, which on my part was good, because i got the Posters and everything I wanted, but then some 3 year old came up and was looking around. I had my Case I was buying- I just stuffed the ones I wanted in there- and the dad of the 3 year old stuffed his hand in MY box and was going to take my Paint Mask McQueen! I told him this was what I was buying and he said Ok and carried on.
      Don’t know how I got my View Zeen because I already had him from the first K-Mart Day, it just got mingled in with the rest of my loot, so I wasted $4.00. πŸ™ Oh Well!

    • John in Missouri says:

      Which city is your Kmart in? I just don’t understand why they wouldn’t have gotten a case.

  • TowMater says:

    No need to worry, Gask It’s and Faux from today’s event are just as
    shiny as the originals. Phew! I got scared there for a moment because
    if any of you bought the 3 Pack like I did for Lightning, you’ll notice they are DULL DULL DULL and not acceptable.
    I compared them as soon as I returned from the event.


  • slicepie says:

    Hi all,
    Been awhile since I’ve asked for anything on the trade board. We need Paint Masked Lightning since we got shut out at the event.

    Also looking for any errors that may have been found, like the one posted about a Nitroade with white wheels, or maybe tires without Lightyear written on them, or missing eyes, and especially any errors of the Paint Masked McQueen — like normal wheels instead of being masked.

    We also need Gask-Its, Tach-O-Mints, and Tank Coats – a few of each, preferably from the same source to keep shiping costs to a minimum.

    Btw, these are for Tyler’s and my personal collections and not being resold! πŸ˜‰


    • Kevin W says:

      I’m not into collecting errors but I did see a sealed card with Dash Boardman missing his camera.

      • Man-I-Fold says:

        Slicepie – I have an extra Chase McQueen you can have (at cost) if needed, but I would have to go back and shop for the extra racers. The rest of the Chases may be gone from Chicago already. I sent you an email from mchlhff @ hotmail.com – Mike in Evanston, IL

  • CaptainChunk says:

    After skipping the last event due to store incompetence, my family and I attended this morning at the Chehalis, WA Kmart.

    Sadly it was not at all improved. We managed to get almost all the Cars we were after, but the lone employee running the event was uninformed and ill prepared for the event. And the store only ended up with one master case instead of the regular two.

    I think we’ll just pre-order a case from now on and skip the annoyances.

  • my5kids says:

    I was wondering if your Chase Paint mask McQueen has the White Wall tire on the left rear tire or the right rear tire. I have one that has it on left and right.

  • wendy says:

    today turned out great got all the cars i wanted!! πŸ™‚ dose anyone know where bessie is being sold? or when the new mega sizes are coming out from the check list??

  • Nicole H says:

    We made it to the event, new baby and all! There were about 15 or 16 people, biggest crowd since very first one. Four of us were in our group and didn’t get picked the first round. The first 12 went and only a few people found a Chase car. Don’t know if they were just blind or their cases really didn’t have one in it. We all four got to go the 2nd round with fresh cases and all 4 of us got a Chase and the rest of the cars we wanted/needed. Then they handed out the posters and then the free for all. All in all it was good, except for the old guy who I always see at the stores who sells the cars at a flea market for triple the price.

    (MET: Congrats! Did the baby draw a ticket? πŸ™‚ Did you tell the eBay you purposely had a baby to outdraw him? πŸ˜› Yea, the LM CHASE is easy to miss – since it looks pretty dull top view compared to the more colorful racers).

    • Mariela says:

      Congrats for the new baby!! You already introduce her to the “World of Cars”!! πŸ˜€

      • Man-I-Fold says:

        Congratulations on your new baby! The new baby shoulda gone first though, don’t you think? There’s got to be a stipulation about this in the KMart Cars Day Rules – Met? Glad you had a good time.

        • Nicole H says:

          If she knew how to grasp a ticket, she would have taken one! Kinda hard only being 11 days old. I think our 2 year old will take a ticket at the next event, she will be almost 3 by then. She kept walking around the tables while we were picking and was touching everyone else’s cars! It was funny to me, maybe not to all of them.

  • Cars4aandR says:

    Hi everyone!
    K-5 in Madawaska Maine was great yet again…My son and I were the only ones there! We got a master case all to ourselves…bought plenty…all 4 chase and Dash Boardman…Will have to do with LENT until I can locate a 9pk at reasonnable price. E-Bay is bloody murder!
    Got ALL the posters and Event Poster too!
    Only down side…the toy dept.supervisor did not accept the cupons saying that they were for birthday club members!?…:(
    By the looks of things everyone seems covered on K-5…but if you need something let me know and we can make a deal.
    I ordered a case in presale…but was worried I would get cancelled so went to the Store Event. So if I get my case I am willing to trade it for missing stuff…I really need to get a list of doubles to trade and needs on the board!
    I really need 2x the 3pk McQueen, Gask-its and Faux wheel..need a bunch of other stuff too…no Target, TRU and closest WM is 1.25 hours away… small store…small CARS inventory to match store size. The WM in Edmundston NB Canada is even worst on CARS selection!
    …P.S. I got 2 Paul Valdez in a Zellers store at 15.32 CDN tx incl…Intl of course…BTW these are keepers (1x display and 1x in box)….did not mean to “rub it in” by mentionning this….but when I found them I got the “Rush” of the “Quest” to locate Cars…alas still awaiting Shiny Wax!
    Sorry for rambling on take care T-5ers!
    Cheers from the Great White North:)…not white yet but COLD!

  • phantomrs says:

    had a great time, they had 2 master cases got 2 chase mcqueens and 2 of each race cars, went through all of them to get great paint jobs. I got the case poster and the front door dispay sign. I also got 2 extra tach o mints. I also used a $5 off coupon for every 2 cars, so I got 20 cars for roughly $33 dollars, now that’s a bargain!

  • Bombero1956 says:

    Missed the event altogether due to a wedding in Virginia. I really thought the preorders would be shipped prior to the event. Guess the wait continues.

  • Mariela says:

    *Just found out*
    That Sears got in at least one master case. So there’s a chance for all that couldn’t get Chase Paint Mask McQueen..!!

  • Zobovor says:

    This was my first Cars event, but it sounded like fun (and beats trying to find stuff on eBay afterwards) so I took my three year old boy across town to see what we could find.

    When we first got there, I went to the toy department, but nothing seemed to be happening there so I assumed they weren’t doing the event. We were just about to leave when one of the cashiers just happened to mention that the event was going on in the furniture department. (Seems like an odd place to release new toys…where do they put new furniture when it comes in? The shampoo aisle?)

    We found the department a little later than 11:00 so there were plenty of people already there (at least a dozen). I already had a list of the cars I was looking for, so that saved a lot of fruitless digging through boxes. It was pretty much a free-for-all, as people dug through their own boxes, but a nice lady (I really have no idea if she was an employee or just a friendly customer) asked my son which cars he was interested in. It went like this:

    “Here’s a tow truck, do you like this one?”
    “Ooh, how about a helicopter, do you like it?”
    “What about this blue car?”
    “Here’s a Lightning McQueen, do you like him?”

    So, it was fun. I’m so pleased that almost all of the characters from the Speedway of the South set have been re-released through other means. I think I’ve got all the Piston Cup racers now except for that stupid Apple Macintosh iCar. Is Mattel ever going to reissue that one? Or is there some licensing problem that’s holding things up?

  • TrboTrex says:

    Was the poster from this time the same as at cars day 4?
    My son and I din’t get one a checklist poster, but did get a MTT poster which he was more than happy with.

    I have an extra 2010 checklist poster from cars day 4 and a 2009 checklist poster if anyone needs one.

    • John in Missouri says:

      The posters seem to come out with the same year on them as the current calendar year. So Kmart 1 had the 2008 poster, Kmart 2 & 3 had the 2009 poster, and Kmart 4 & 5 had the 2010 poster.

  • You guys are lucky! My nearest Kmart was closed last year and now they replaced it with a Halloween store.

  • Dan in PA says:

    Does anyone have the link to the $5.00 off coupon for Kmart. I lost that link?

  • NC says:

    Got one each of everything I wanted and also won the Toon poster and checklist poster.

  • AC says:

    Fairfield, CA had 12 cases and 20+ people (1/2 were kids). Had a raffle drawing and I wasn’t one of the first 12. Unfortunately the person running the event did not specify 5 minutes to pick out FIVE cars. She said 5 minutes to grab ALL the cars you want. Mostly fine, except there was one guy and his wife(?) who tried grabbing every car he could. I’m guessing an ebayer. Most of the kids who were chosen grabbed just a few, so there were still enough cars for everyone. I was able to grab the last Chase McQueen.

    (MET: There’s always one in every crowd so we need rules … :-/ ).

  • Uncle Skip says:

    Great event here in NJ…

    2 Master Cases… 4 Adults, 2 kiddies (both my nephews!!!!)

    This store always is an easy go… the employee running things basically surveys the crowd and if people are in agreement, he just gives out a case to everyone to pick from (as there are usually more cars than people in attendance…)

    The parents here are always good to kids… doesn’t matter when you get there, the kids get a full fresh case to pick from…

    My older guy got his McQueen, and his final 2 racers… he was thrilled. It was his first time opening a fresh case in a store! Took him 2 or 3 looks through the case to find Tach O Mint… but he got his!

    My younger nephew was content to have only the McQueen, but Uncle Skippy got him a few racers anyway!

    Was a good day… first time I have been able to take any of my nephews to the event…

    For those keeping score of things, all 8 cases were the correct assortment.

  • DBCarsGuy says:

    Made it to K-mart today at 11:20 AM due to my son”s soccer game. Brought all the kids and met a friend there who was able to grab the cars I needed, but I think I happened upon a rare find. Picked up a Nitroade with correct front wheels (black wheels/rubber tires), but the rear wheels are white and appear to be plastic tires. Wondering if anyone else found a car like this. No other racers in the assortment had white wheels, so I imagine this is a rare factory error. Actually a very cool looking error. I would love to hear from anyone else who found one like this or another car with incorrect wheels or other errors.

    (MET: Yea, the only white wheels are from the Toons “hospital” ones).

  • PirateDad says:

    Kmart V was a HUGE success for our cross border raid!

    Got the 8 racers and Chase, for us and a few extras for others who asked.
    Got the collector poster, the MTT Poster and snagged the nice Event Poster on the way out AGAIN!!!!

    Found Chase Filmore, Chase Fred, UFO Helicopter, Beanie Mater, Big Fan and I-Screamer too!!!

    Plus it was Blocktober at TRU so the kids got make and KEEP Lego Race cars for FREE!!!!!!!!!!

    I am totally shopped out…14 hours later and ready for BED!!!!!

    Glad to hear everyone else had a nice day too!

  • Dingo says:

    In San Antonio, Texas there are no K-Marts, so I drove down to Corpus Christie, Texas.

    At first there were only four or five groups and three master boxes, so it looked like everyone was going to get something. Then the manager made an announcement about a “Cars event”, bringing in a bunch of people who wanted a ticket.

    I didn’t make the first round; didn’t make the second round; didn’t make the third round. No more unopen boxes.

    I was a little disappointed, but a family helped me out by trading their slightly opened box with my turned-upside-down box. I got everything I wanted except the Chase.

    Luckily, they even helped me go through the remaining cars to find it. Very helpful and kind family! I’m not sure if you read Take 5 helpful-Corpus-Christie-family, but THANK YOU for your help! My son is already playing with the cars you helped me get!

  • Nick Seeger says:

    has anyone noticed the unmasked wheel on the chase lightning?

  • jasonerselius says:

    Long Beach, CA

    My 2 year old son loved it! It is our second K-mart event (we had to back collect from #’s 2 & 3).

    Our ritual:
    -get him dressed up in his McQueen gear
    -have him grab his checklist
    -listen to “Life is a Highway” on the way to Kmart
    -watch him uncontrollably giggle as they open up the cases.

    This year he had his heart set on “Kathy the Helicopter” as he calls her. So we picked her up as well as a set of the racers, Dash, and Paint Mast McQueen.

    The people at the store were great, fun to see other collectors, a few ebayers there, but what what can you do.

    So happy to have a complete set of rubber races (minus Apple, Chick, King, and McQueen).

    We really appreciate T5AD for keeping us up to date.

  • handoe213 says:

    Kmart Van Nuys, CA
    Had a great time. There were alot of people compared to the previous events but it was extemely well managed, I was surprised. My wife was the first number picked out and got our first five and my number was the 5th ticket. Unfortunately, my son was very grouchy and couldnt wait for the posters to be raffled. But all in all in my opinion this was the best one so far even the car selection has been the best one.

  • slicepie says:

    I must say I am very disappointed for multiple reasons:

    1st, they changed the original date so I was unable to take Tyler because I had already committed myself to a local toy show.

    2nd, according to my sister, who took Tyler for me, the event was not run properly as it has been in the past. Apparently, in the very beginning not only did the Kmart employees raffle off the posters, but they also gave the winners of the posters a fresh case to open at the same time. Definitely not fair to the rest of the collectors.

    3rd, the posters appear to be the same as the ones that were handed out at SDCC, which for those who didn’t get one would be a plus, but since I just bought one it makes the whole thing very dissatisfying.

    4th, and most importantly, the KMart we go to is 10 minutes from the Canadian border and there are many international collectors who trek down for the event. Based on the success at this store from previous events where there was not a single car left on the table when provided with 16 cases (4 master cartons), they should have received at least same amount, if not more. Today there were only 12 cases, or 3 master cartons for over 20 people. Shame on the logistics team who dropped the ball on that one! Neither Tyler nor my sister received a fresh case so they were completely skunked out of getting any Chase McQueens, and were only able to salvage one each of Tach-O-Mint and one Gask-Its.

    Overall Rating: D-

    Needless to say we are in dire need of the Paint Masked Lightning McQueen. We need at least 2, more if possible, and would also like to snag some extras of both Tach-O-Mint and Gask-Its. If anyone has extras please shoot me an email at slicepie@roadrunner.com.

    Thanks for entertaining my rant and I hope everyone else’s event was much better than what we had here.

  • Rebecca says:

    The Kmart event was great for me In Colorado Springs, CO. We got everthing we wanted and there were plenty of left overs. The Chase car was gone however but we did manage to get two of them. Had a great time. We even got the big advertising poster from the door. The sales guy forgot to raffle it off so my son asked if he could have it and he said yes. He did raffle off the other posters and we did win those. Had a great day and it was my birthday today also. πŸ™‚

  • NascarFan says:

    Kmart Kearns Utah:

    CC: Kmart Reps…. as always its great fun…

    A thanks to Kmart ladies Amanda and Samara and the Guys too Gerald P. and Chris D for putting on Kmart Day #5

    a special plug for the new Manager at Kearns Kmart Corey…. he joined in the photos and truely enjoyed the event !!!.

    Great guy, very receptive to the hype. THANKS Corey!!

    Lets hear it for Kmart Day #6!!!!!!!!

    Pretty great day, got everything we needed for our overseas friends, and some other Honorary Utah Club members.

    Even added a new Club member to the Utah Club and hopefully to http://www.takefiveaday.com too

    Karen a new lady to the Utah group… (someone actually told her to go to Mattycollector.com for cars info, can you believe that?)

    However she asked what it cost to join, Should we tell her she has to wash cars or just charge her 190.00 a year for dues?

    Nawwwww its free and we enjoy helping each other. Saves us gas and time chasing each other around the city.

    We did also have local police out in force for Kids fingerprinting and IDs and they were handing out free gunlocks.

    We had 4 master cases and the Dash Boardmans and Tacomints Chase Paint Mask Mcqueens sold out but plenty others left behind.

    Another Kmart in West Valley had 4 master cases and only 3 people show up. Plenty of left overs.

    Layton Utah: Same story very few people plenty leftover. (thanks Chris D)

    Utah Disney – Pixar “Cars” Collector Club

    • carscrazydd says:

      Yes, very special thank you to all Kmart/Mattel personnel involved in making these events happen!

      Thank You also to Met and Company for keeping us informed and having this site for all of us to share our good fortunes!

      Special Thank You to you Nascarfan! I had to do some extra driving this event as all stores in Columbus OH received less Master cartons and after exhausting all options of getting the cars I needed, was still short and was stressing out. A phone conversation with you is all it took and once again you got what I needed to complete my list and a few extras, Thanks for driving a little extra for me.

      Hope everybody had an over-all good day!

  • Mariela says:

    Simply awesome!
    Very well organized like the previous events, not crowded at all and the only 2 kids there (my son and a girl) were happy digging through boxes. Total of 6 people and lots and lots of cases. Left the store with my cart full and the table was still full!
    Got those posters, the check list one and the other with the Monster Truck (which I previously won in here) if anyone need any, let me know!

  • Pops says:

    Went to North Ga K Mart. They had seven master cases. Store followed 5 min rule for 5 cars. About seven people at first, 3 were kids. Son and I left with everything and then some. Store staff was the nicest yet and best organized. It was really alot of fun.

  • I-am-speed says:

    Apparently, the Kmarts within our area were allotted only 1 master case, so there were only 4 individual cases to be divided the 6 people standing there. What was supposed to be an organized even ended up being a mess when they suddenly decided to just dump the 4 cases and have a free for all. Luckily, we were able to get a Chase McQueen. As expected, there were plenty of Gask-Its and Tach-O-Mints to go around. We had to drive many miles to another store to find Chase Paint Mask McQueen for a fellow T-Fiver who could not get to his nearest event.

    So, as expected, some of the Chase Paint Mask McQueens were grabbed up by some Hot Wheelers, and probably Ebayers, who found out about a “chase” car in today’s CARS event………that always seems to bring them out of the woodwork, even when they don’t collect CARS.

    Well, at least our racer collection is now complete. Gask-Its and Tach-O-Mint are welcome additions to the shelves, and Chase Paint Mask McQueen is a nice “icing on the cake”.

  • NorCalRik says:

    We got to Kmart at 11:15 and there was only four peaple (2 adults,2 kids) and there was tons of boxes with tons of cars over in the furniture dept. Picked up Tach O Mint and Gask-its to complete all the racers, and each of my kids wanted there own masked crazy eyed Lightning McQueen. When over to the toy dept and picked up Corp.Kim. Was at my local Target yesterday and picked an I Screamer, an oiled Tokyo Mater, Tormetors biggest fan, and a Bumper Save pit crew set. When it rains, it pours.

  • quercy says:

    Little Rock. Two Master Cases. Were about a dozen. Got everything I need. I wish to win a poster since my son and my wife has a ticket also. Didn’t win the main poster (to my deception it was the same as day 4) but I got 2 mini posters on TOON checklist on one side and the wrestling promo event on the other side. I also got the pack 3 from the shelf before the event start. I was very pleased to get McQueen CHASE. My wife was there for my friend who couldn’t attend so we got him the complete set. When we left guess what left on the table??? You’re right! Only few lenticulars… I wish to ask to get the main sign at the entrance but was already removed… After our well deserved lunch at Chick-A-Fill we went direction Target for my weekly check. No Pit Crew set, so I bought the CARRERA racing track featuring McQueen and Chicks Hicks… I must go now the race will start in few minutes… πŸ™‚

  • wdwfan says:

    I was one of arond 10 to show up for this event in the Salem NH area, and even though my number was last to be drawn I still scored all but Dash Boardman who I prefer to wait for the Final lap version without the lenticular eyes. After all initial openings there were still plenty of Faux Wheel and Tach-O-Mints remaining for anyone not there for the rope drop.
    The best part of the morning was leaving K-Mart going next door to Toys-R-Us and finding all the new UFM releases and some new Tokyo Drift cars as well. For anyone in the area, there were plenty of these new cars remaining on the shelf at both K-Mart and TRU.

  • NascarFan says:

    Kmart Pre Sales Customers:


    Orders are set to begin shipping on Monday. Shipment confirmation emails will begin going out on that date.


    S. T.
    Kmart Rep

  • Chuck Manifold says:

    Found a Tach-o-mint car in a Tank Coat package.

  • Not sure how many showed because CarsThomasFan had an early soccer game and arrived an hour after the event. We grabbed dupes of the new release Piston Cup racers (one for play and one for keeps) and a couple of posters.

    Luckily there were clueless people who showed up this morning and thought that these were free because they had the “winning” ticket LOL. So we found a bunch of the cars laying all over the store and scored a Chase Mcqueen and Dash Boardman too.

    Can’t wait to test these out on the Piston Cup track. Stay tuned.

  • Micky says:

    Our KMart had 2 master boxes, 8 cases (less than last time). There were 4 family groups there, total of 11 people. We were both called in the first round. Since the other families had kids, a couple of the little kids picked out of the same box so everyone had a box to pick through. I got everything I wanted plus a few extra. It’s like…you see all these Cars and just can’t help but buy more then you intended to LOL. Each family group got a large poster and a Toons poster. I also picked up another 3 pack. I opened the first one, this one is to keep unopened. Bought a TS3 Lotso Bear action figure too. Used 4 coupons total. The kid running the event did a good job πŸ™‚

  • mark.s says:

    oh, I know box R in the lenticular series 2 came out this month. does any one know if matel is releasing any other boxes? if so, what contents will be in them and when they will be released? Thank you

    (MET: Mattel has put regular shipments on hold and are sending out pallets and cubes to WM & TRU so the release order is approximately correct – just not that particular case).

  • Michigander says:

    We drove 30 minutes north to the nearest K-Mart here in Northern Lower Michigan.

    Event sign at entrance of store.

    Table set-up in toy dept with event rules and free “McQueen” coloring pages. (b&w xerox copies).

    At 11am, the Asst Manager brought out TWO “Master Boxes” and handed out raffle tickets to the 10x collectors waiting. (6x adults and 4x children).

    Asst Manager said they were sent an EXTRA “Master Box” for this event – normally they ONLY get ONE “Master” per event.

    The Asst Manager read the event rules and raffle numbers were drawn for the EIGHT cases and each had 5 minutes to pick 5 CARS.

    After EVERYONE had a turn, the Asst Manager raffled FOUR “2010 Pixar CARS Checklist” Posters and EIGHT “CARS Toon” Posters.

    There seemed to be plenty of each die-cast and everyone was happy and helped each other find what they were looking for. ($3.99 + tax each).

    Cashier gladly accepted the “$5.00 off” print-out coupons.

    This IS how the events are supposed to be!

    THANK YOU K-mart & Mattel.

    Also, No 3-pack exclusives?

  • mark.s says:

    I went to K-mart today and was the only person in the store who seemed to care about this latest box. If individuals need certain ones, we can def. work some sort of trade. I just started collecting the rubber ones and need any from the first three series put out. we can certainly do one-for-one trades.
    if not, do you think they will rerelease series 1,2,3 again? I am a late starter πŸ™‚

    email is mhsponi_9@yahoo.com

    (MET: It’s unlikely the first three will be re-released but you can find some traders-sellers in OUR TRADING FORUM that can help you …).

    • kdthomas says:

      Who knows…now that pretty much all have been released I wouldn’t be surprised if they would have us buy ALL of them again just to get King and Chick Hicks by releasing the KMart Synthetic Rubber Tires 35-Car Pack πŸ˜› And yes, KMart/Mattel if you are listening I would buy it at $135. And I wouldn’t mind if you included a certain white racer.

  • babychristianscars says:

    Sounds like everyone had a great day. If anyone has an extra poster I’d love one.

  • lucie st.pierre says:

    called Kmart.com again about my case order Now they are telling me none in warehouse and when and if they come in they will ship. The order is not yet canceled that is what they told me so I hope that everybody got to go to kmart to get their one set

  • Jedi Rainman says:

    Arrive at the event in Zanesville, OH and there was only one woman with 2 kids waiting. After the PA announcement, about 7 others, some with kids and some without, arrived and got a ticket. Apparently some of these people thought it was a Cars promotion and that the Cars were free. Once the lady made it clear that it was a promotion but you still had to buy them, many people walked off. So a few people were still there as well as myself and a few cousins. I got one of each racer, Dash and chase McQ plus one mater Tall Tales poster and the 2010 single poster. My cousin got the big display poster. He’s only 7 so I hope he keeps it. If not, it’ll look good on my wall. Al in all, it went smooth and there were plenty of leftovers. This Kmart only had one master case.

  • bubba says:

    Three people at my K-mart. My wife, Son, and myself. Made us take tickets and stand there until 11:00. Then when we were the only one they called on the Pa that they were having a event and come get your tickets to the event. Made us stand there till 11:05 and still no one else coming. Made call again and made us stand. About 11:08 or so they said have at it. Had two master case (had three last time for two people). My three year old boy was jumpiing up and down at this point wanting to tear into the cases looking for helicopters. Made the three employees running the thing laugh. As they were opening all the boxes for us peolpe started coming up asking if they were worth anything and if there was one car people were after so Like I would have told them the chase car so they could get them all. walked away with all we needed. One other person came up shopping for there kids and pulled the chase car from one of the cases. The one guy that wanted to know which car was good was walking around looking in our cart to see what we got. He cornered my wife and said we were getting a lot of cars and wanted to know if I was selling them and see said we keep two sets and the 3 other cars I gat were for someone from england I help out. What a jerk this guy was.
    Anyway It was Fun for us. I know my boy has a great time going thru the cases.
    They also had the 3 packs if anyone needs one I am going back out tonight and can pick them up.


  • Cuddles says:

    Went to the Brunswick, Ohio K-mart. There where a few people there for the event but I was able to find everything I wanted. I love these K-mart Cars days. πŸ™‚

  • Brown Fury says:

    Provo,UT Showed up at 10:45 to find all cases opened and packed in a shopping cart. One person already digging for his needs. Got everything needed and another woman shows up as I’m leaving. Easiest event yet for me!

  • Simba1814 says:

    Here in Denver event almost didnt happen.

    Got there and morning went like this…
    10:30 Asked here event was happeining, no one knew and said wasnt today.
    10:45 Asked for a Manager who said she would look into it after I showed her the Kmart ad.
    11:00 No event
    11:15 Manger said she found infor and email but no product.
    11:30 She radioed employee and said she found.
    11:40 Manager brought up 3 Master cases that read 10/16 event, she thought they were backstock so they were on the shelves in the stock room. She also brought up the 3 pack with Lighting for the event.
    11:45 Finally able to pick out my Cars as I am the only one there, eventually a father and son came up to look what was in the boxes but only picked out 3 cars.
    11:55 Paid for using my $5 coupons, was able to use six so I only paid $21.87 for 9 singles and 1 3 pack.

    Manager actually felt bad that she gave me all the posters and the giant store poster that wasnt even up…she says she found it in stockroom also on top of boxes of Cars.
    So a morning that was gonna be UGH went to HOORAY!!!

    (MET: Good thing you showed up today … they were practically waiting for you to show up with the front door key πŸ™‚ ).

  • kdthomas says:

    Went to Citrus Heights, CA K-Mart. I arrived 15 minutes early and the normal lady that runs these wasn’t around so got nervous. Five minutes later she showed up and so did the 3 regulars that were there last time. After a PA announcement a few other families showed up making it 12 total ticket drawers for 2 master cases. I was in round 2 and got everything (two each) that I wanted. The Chase McQueens were garbled up so I only got one. I did get lucky and score one of the 4 large posters that were available. Although I was disappointed to find out it was the same poster as the June event. So if anyone did’t get a poster and wants to trade for a KM Day 1, 2 or 3 poster let me know.

    Kudos to Mattel on this batch. I did not find one bad paint job this time around. All the cars looked great compared to the last event.

  • Man-I-Fold says:

    All went well in Norridge, IL, aside from some group hand-holding of the clerk’s hand, who was doing it for the first time and kept calling her manager to ask what to do next. The cartons were set up on a folding table in the electronics, adjacent to the toy section. There were 12 attendees, 5 families. They were plenty of cartons for all, so I think maybe 2 master cartons. Man-I-Fold Jr. and I got everything we could have hoped for, plus they just handed out the posters to everybody – easy. A nice guy who has attended every Cars day won the heavy-duty display poster and was totally psyched. The crowd was friendly and we even got to chat a bit about Cars. Great chatting with you Danny, Ralph, and Patty!! Thanks again KD and NascarBroncos for the coupon link – it was very helpful. Cheers, all!

  • Rich says:

    Hey all, Rich D checking in.


    Got 2 of everything so I’m happy, but you had to really check almost every car because there were… well, you know…

    BIG UPDATE though for those that bought the 3 Pack of
    Lightning, Faux and Gask Its.
    Turns out the Kmart Day “Gask Its and Faux Wheel Drive”
    are just as shiny as the originals.

    Real Faux – Promo – Shiny
    3 Pack Faux – Dull
    Kmart Day 5 Faux – Shiny

    Same with Gask Its.

    Real Gask It’s – Shiny
    3 Pack Gask It’s – Dull
    Kmart Day 5 Gask It’s – Shiny

    Boy I’m happy about that!!! and Gask It’s sure does look good
    with that shine.

    That’all folks.

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    Attendance at the Lakewood (Pierce County) WA store was up 100%! πŸ™‚ That’s six people, including a family of three, over three people last time! I think K-Mart corporate better re-exam these promotions in the future. There are many left over from K-Mart 4. Probably k-Mart had to sign a contract for the entire event series. Everyone got a poster and numerous extra Car-Toon poster/checklists were available. Off to look for Marvel Universe action figures! πŸ™‚

  • Sloths14 says:

    Salem NH

    Arrived at the event at 10:50AM. My second one-they are very organized, they gave out tickets and it was held in the toy section. Two cases-eight boxes. I would estimate about 16-20 people including little kids. My son was picked third (no issues with Dad helping) we opened the box and picked our limit five-Tach, Sidewall, Faux, Gaskits and Chase Paintjob MCQ. I was picked sixth and got Dash and View Zeen. Stayed until the end and we
    won both the Tall Tales Poster and the Giant Checklist Poster. Success. Very well run, I think everyone got what they needed, even those who didn’t get to open a box.

    Almost forgot, thanks for the link with the $5 off coupon, no problem it worked.

  • Glenn N says:

    My son and I stood in line this AM about 10:30 not realizing it started at 11. Needless to say, it went quick yet I was hoping for more fun for my son. No posters or coloring pages that I was hoping for. Anyway, we went later to TRU and they were have Lego day. Needless to say, he had more fun at TRU.

    Glenn N

  • carkiya says:

    Went to the closest Kmart, we were half hour late but they had a table out with bunch of them just on the table, didn’t see much left so drove to another. We had to walk around the whole place and found boxes on the table in the furniture section this is now 3 hours later, no ads no poster no nothing but than we just pick out 8 race cars and 3 chase but no mask McQueen if I wasn’t looking for them I would never found it, few kids were looking in the box but didn’t seem to care, lots of race cars left in there. Also found 8 race cars from last event just on the shelves. My son got a nice early b-day present!

  • Tipped Tractor says:

    4 master boxes for 9 people. Got everything my son wanted and he got the Mater Toons poster, check list poster, and won the Cars Event poster too!

  • collectormom says:

    Vails Gate, NY: 3 master cartons. Not a big turn out so we were able to get the ones we needed. LOTS left on the table.

  • gorgeous703 says:

    Got to Kmart @ 9:30 am, nothing set up nor anyone waiting (I had my 16 yr old son and his friend w/me). I was happy! Around 10:30 am one person showed up with their son and we start talking cars πŸ˜›
    Around 10:45 am tickets were handed out and one more guy showed up. I’m still happy! Then at 10:50 am a group of people show up and I start to panick. The manager goes over the rules and opens up the master case which only had 4 boxes in it!!!!!!! We were initially told there were 8 boxes inside so now I am totally panicking. Tickets start getting called and sure enough none of the 3 tickets we had get called. I say to myself “Bye Bye Paint Mask McQueen & Dash” πŸ™
    Right away two of the persons at the table pick those cars out but wait…the other two people are looking in their box and are totally ignore these cars. My stomach is churning but they still have a minute to keep picking. Times up and they walk away with just some of the racers. They obviously weren’t sure to pick these two cars because they were just henchmen sent out with a list for a reseller and failed to remember that the Chase cars were the most important to get!! Now I’m thinking OMG I still have a chance even though there’s a bunch more people waiting with a ticket. The manager starts calling out numbers and “BAM” my son’s friends ticket gets called and then my ticket gets called!!!! I end up getting both Chase cars and afterwards my son’s ticket gets called so I end up getting a complete set and some extras. The posters are raffled off last and I win a Toon poster! I really wanted the checklist but oh well.

    This was my first time attending this type of an event and I must say my adrenaline was pumping! I just didn’t like that Kmart set everything up right in front of the store because people who were not there for the event thought it was a “free giveaway event” and so people would stop the manager to get a ticket and so this was really frustrating to say the least. Well I have extra of the following if anyone needs it:
    2x Faux Wheel
    1x Gask-its
    1x Shiny Wax
    1x View Zeen
    1x 3 pack rubber tires (found at the store)
    1x Jerry Hauler (found at the store)

  • binkzack1 says:

    I found a CHASE Fred with fallen bumper in one of my cases too ; )
    so exciting!! I had 1 at home, but needed 1 more.

    Did anyone else find anything different?

    • Carlos says:

      Today, I was the only one there! I searched several times as they dumped out the 4 cases, and there were like 10 Tach O Mints (counted them). But, none of the 4 cases had Paint Mask McQueen. Ugh. He should be in like Case T or U or something. Got 1 of each racer. No paint problems like last time though.

      (MET: Unless the employees poached them – they are in there – one in each case here).

  • michad says:

    I took my son and there was only one other person there at 10:55, after awhile we saw some other people.

    4 Ginormous cases with either 4 or 6 24-case packs. I went ahead a got a case plus the openers. We now have 2-Day1, 2-Day2, 3-Day3-5 in the closet and a complete open set of SOS. Yes, it’s complete my wife bought a SOS Apple Car for Christmas 2008. The boys do not get to play with the Apple car, that’s in my office.

    Was there supposed to be Toon cars out today or just the posters?

    Anyone needs anything, I’m betting my Kmart will have enough to help you fill out.

    I bought extra Faux Wheel, Tacho’s and Gaskits. I couldnt help myself, they’ve been so expensive for so long, I might need a twelve-step program.

    PS, I need a replica or original SOS display case. Seriously it’s not a need, but I strong want.

  • binkzack1 says:

    3 master cases. I was able to open the entire thing!! So exciting. I bought 2 of everything. We also have 3 of each poster.
    Great success today! Last event I went to a much too crowded store.
    No problems today.

    If anyone needs the Chase McQueen I bought extras.

  • Cars77 says:


    4 Master Cases. 16 tickets handed out 16 cases for 16 people. Everyone got their 5 minutes. Left before the feeding frenzy on tubs. One guy had 2 shopping carts pulled up ready to pounce.

    Got both posters and all we went for and (maybe a few extra tachomints)

    Watch the case assortments. Dash was left out of quite a few of these.

    Great day for us. Good Luck all!

  • tom mccann says:

    salem,nh. 2 masters equals 8 24 packs 20 people ,,, friday braintree,ma. 22 3-packs with faux drives

  • Stig McQueen says:

    Stig, Jr. and I were the only ones there this morning. We got there at 11:00 and the store wasn’t even set up yet. I had called yesterday to confirm, and the manger said they were definitely participating, so I went over to the customer service desk. They paged the manager, who sent someone out with a box containing 4 cases, and he opened them up right there for us. I picked out one each of the Piston Cup racers and paint-masked LMQ, and Stig, Jr. picked out the six Piston Cup cars that he didn’t already have in plastic-wheel form. Then they took the rest of the cars, set them up on a table in the electronics section, and whatever didn’t fit on the table went onto the pegs with the leftovers from Day 4.

    We had a few other things to get while we were there, then circled back before we left and picked up another Tach-O-Mint, Faux Wheel Drive and paint-masked LMQ for Stigette. She collects Ramones, so paint-masked LMQ was a natural “fit” for her collection, and I thought the design on Tach-O-Mint and FWD would appeal to her.

    I guess CARS collecting just isn’t that big in our area. The store we went to for the last event wasn’t even participating this time, and I thought with such a great assortment that a lot of people would turn out at the other store. AFAIK, we were the only ones who showed up.

    It was kinda funny, because some of the staff were asking me which CARS were the most collectible, brought the most on Ebay, etc. I told them that up until this morning Tach-O-Mint and FWD were the rarest of all, but that there were two or more in every case at every Kmart nationwide, so anybody who wanted them would now have them, making a lot of Ebay sellers very unhappy!

    We had a good time; I just hope the low turnout doesn’t convince our second store to back out of event #6…

  • born2collect says:

    Monroe, North Carolina (east of Charlotte).
    10:00 – 3 master cases, 12 boxes, 12 people
    Awesome event! Everyone got a box to open. I saw some of the event regulars and met some new friends. We were able to chat about the event and other Cars items out in the market. Funny how the town’s emergency response services was hosting a “get to know us” event on the same day as the Cars event. Police, fire, and medic were all over the parking lot and in the store. Was there a hidden message in this? The store was taking aim to handle the event like the “HotWheels” days. Store management was taken back when they realized we all got along with each other and no one was fighting or jumping in front of another. Mutual respect for one another goes a long way and makes collecting much more enjoyable. I see that respect in all the individuals that frequent this website and write their comments. Every one has a valuable opinion and is willing to help.

  • lucie st.pierre says:

    My Kmart had about 20 people but I was first to pick along my Grandson
    Got everything we needed And my Grandson won the store poster again
    Still no confirmation of my cases being sent out yet so I am glad I got at least 1 of each

  • snosno says:

    Sent my wife up who complained the enitre time apparently about having to be there but she was the…..only one. So needless to say we have no problem getting everything. So let me know if you need anything here in Baltimore.

  • TrboTrex says:

    I’m in Colonie NY was at the Watervilet Kmart.

  • TrboTrex says:

    There were 8 people out of 5 families here in NY. 2 master cases (usually have 3), so one box each. Got all we needed plus a few extras for gifts. Was really annoyed by the obvious scalpers who were reaching over peoples shoulders to grab Chase Lightnings, Tach-O-Mints and Dash Boardmans. I actually had to tell a guy to back off and wait until me and my son were finished. I mean he already had a case of his own and had been bothering everyone else for any “extras”.
    Left with one of each racer(2 of Tach-O-Mint since it is my sons fave) a Dash and 2 Chase Lightnings out of spite.
    Had a good day, but man some people just get to ya.

    On a more positive note did find the Rubber Tire 3 pack they had 3 of them.

    • Sandy says:

      Where in NY are you? Im in NY and it was just two kids and two adults with 3 master cases. Some people just dont get it. And it frustaring and unfortuate because its something that should be fun for the whole family. Thats why I refuse to go to the hot wheels events. In only 5”1 and not trying to get trampled by grown men for a tresure hunt.lol

  • Paul Mass says:

    I arrived late to the Kmart in Leomister ,MA to have to ask where the event was being held. the “event” was the cases opened and put on two folding tables and it took place in the gadren section. I was able to get every car as it seemed they had 2 masters cases and also got the posters. The poster was still hanging up when i left and only one other person was before me and seemed to take two whole boxes of cars. It was kinda lame and nobody was around and you would have never found the “event” if didnt’ ask the only person working on the floor. Needless to stay i got them all for my son so he was happy.

  • Sandy says:

    Hello everyone!
    Went to my local Kmart, got there 10 mins late but there was no need to rush because there was only one other person their with their son. We got everything we needed and a poster. My son wasnt able to attend because he’s feeling ill. But when he wakes from his nap he will be super surprised from all the cars thats here waiting for him. Unfortuately no 3packs were available. But great overall!

  • jambouk says:

    Had my own kmart day in the UK, found them all at disney store including dash boardman….but no tach o mint….just when i thought yes a full sos set at last…oh well will check in a few days.

    Hope everyone got what they needed.

  • Jack says:

    Everything was fine. 4 people- 2 Mater Cartons. We our all friends and the same 4 that meet there every Kmart day.
    We each got a poster and our pick of 2 cases each.
    Only bad thing- was not able to get as many chase cars as I wanted.
    So if anyone was able to pick up or will be able to pick up any extra chase cars I could use them.
    Will be happy to buy or have lots to trade.
    Thanks Jack sijack1@aol.com

  • RampagingRex says:

    I went to my Kmart in Belle Vernon, PA and there were only 2 other people there! Tons of great new Cars and I walked away with everything I needed, plus a ton of awesome posters!! Strangely, though, the store event poster was there all week. I went to ask about having it during the event today, and when I walked into the store it was gone! Doesn’t matter. I got what I wanted!!

  • Driveshaft says:

    Only two of us at Kmart in my area. 3 master cases, luckily the Kmart employee used their common sense and did not make us draw tickets. Got all we wanted, extra posters…kind of a drag that more people are not interested? Hope everyone got what they were looking for!

    Have a great day!

    • HolyGeekboy says:

      KMart Cars Day 5 in Mentor Ohio. I counted 12 cases of cars, about 35 people including kids, a couple of grandparents, a couple ebayer moms, five or so hotwheels guys, a few families. The usual at this location is 24 cases of cars, and about 15 people including kids. Not sure why we got so few, other than there are so many still unsold from the last event.

      My daughter’s ticket was called second, my wife’s later, mine towards the end, my son’s was never called. Somehow, even with 3 cases, I only ended up with two Chase McQueens– my third was “poached” before my third case was dumped on the table– and I was hoping for a third McQueen for a friend across the street who could not make it, but oh well. Each of my kids did get a poster

      Generally good, everyone was pretty well-mannered, but there was sneakiness to be sure!

  • rj says:

    I was the only one at my local K-mart, was able to get everything I wanted and a poster. Strange though, rather than the boxes they apparently opened them in the back tossed all the cars in a big tote along with some other older cars and some other toys not even related to cars.

  • Wraukn says:

    Me, my wife, another woman and her 4 yr. old son with 2 master cartons. Coupons worked great, handed out several to other customers in the toy dept. Infomed the other woman about Take5 to spread the joy. Got away with several posters, checklists, and the store sign. So different from the first Cars day.

  • AidensMom624 says:

    KMart was lame – 1 master case (4 boxes). 6 people total. We got 1 of each for Aiden but wasn’t able to succeed in getting all of Dolly’s – if anyone has an extra Tach-O-Mint and Chase McQueen, that’s what I wasn’t able to get for her.
    Aiden got 1 of the TOONS posters (there were 4 in the case) and 1 of the big posters (2 in the case), someone else got the store poster – which is good, I don’t want those in my house – LOL !

    Okay – now on to Disney for the week tomorrow ……… yippie !

  • NascarFan says:

    carscrazydd reports: ONE MASTER case

    stores shorted in his area, near columbus ohio

  • JadensMom says:

    Got to the Kmart in Moosic, PA about 10:30am. They had the boxes of cars behind the service desk ready to go. They put the table up around 10:45am. They were handing out tickets from about that point on. Only 8 people there at 11:00am. They had 12 individual cases so they didn’t pick numbers. Got all I needed plus the 2010 and Toons poster check lists they had. I was checked out and in my car at 11:15am. It was a good day =)

  • PoPeYe says:

    Easy peasy … Sign in list, first come first serve, only 3 others in Ma Kmart… Awesome posters, RastaCarian and Tormentor ,got an extra huge checklist poster for trade, also grabbed a couple extra Chase McQueens if anyone misses out!

  • Dunroamin says:

    2 Master Cartons, 2 people. they were sticklers to the rules too, whch was nice. They made the second guy go back to customer service to get a ticket. HA…I was drawn first too…talk about a coin flip!
    walked away with several chase cars, a couple Dash Boardmans and 2 of each racer, 2 of each poster and even the big 3×3 store poster. Time to open these babies up and see how they roll!!
    Used 3 coupons too! Thanks to whoever for posting that baby. Actually handed out 2 coupons to the other guy.

  • apklimon says:

    feels like I went to staples cause ‘that was easy’. selected #1 and got my pick of the 1st box opened. got paint mask mcqueen, 2 tach o mints, dash boardman, sidewall o shine, and tank coat (had all the rest already). also was given a checklist poster for all 2010 releases. NICE!!! sweet success…:-)

  • I may be alone here at 11:59 AM. OH well.

  • Carlos says:

    So, are there any other rubber tire 3 packs? I hope so. If not, then at the end of KM5, only King, Chick, and the ***** car will be the only 3 not to be released with rubber tires. Also, if other companies have deals to put brands on cars, and Dale Jr. and Teresa Earnhardt let them use the logos for Dale Jr. why can’t Mattel make the iCar?

  • Nicole H says:

    Coupon link anyone?? I forgot to print it out!

  • carscrazydd says:

    Heading out in moments, should be a good day! Have fun everyone!

  • Ace Diamondrunner says:

    Getting ready to head out, kids in tow…my daughter saw the “pink car” and had to have it πŸ™‚

    • Ace Diamondrunner says:

      No one here but me and the kids. Sign is up atthe entrance; no sign of life in toy section. No 3-packs out.

    • Ace Diamondrunner says:

      11:01 am. No table no cars. Manager assures me it will start in toy area…

    • Ace Diamondrunner says:

      11:01 am. No table no cars. Manager assures me it will start in toy area…
      11:02 am. Two other families arrive.
      11:04 am. The single case is opened. Each family sorts through a box. πŸ™‚
      11:10 am. A flea-bayer arrives. Is mad tickets weren’t handed out. Demands we draw for the posters. My kids and I are happy without them, so we depart.
      11:16 am. We finish checking out. The coupon worked…thanks Met!
      11:24 am. We arrive home and the kids are playing happily with their new cars

  • Cuddles says:

    I am ready to head out to my local K-marts. I hope that there are only a few people there. I would like to get the full set of releases. πŸ™‚

  • cac1959 says:

    2 hours and 26 minutes to go… I woke up at 5 pm as well… I’m more excited about these Kmart events than I was waiting for Christmas morning as a kid…

    We lost Comcast services about 6:30… the entire town (we live 1/2 mile outside) appears to have lost power… So I thought I’d come to work for a little bit (campus is not open yet) to look online before heading over to the store…

    I’ll be close to completing 3 additional Speedway of the South sets (plastic tires in a display case – just need Tach O Mint – come on, launcher, a rubber tire racer set (just need Chick and King, have a custom Apple), and a mixed set in Target Speedway 4 pack boxes (just will need a custom Apple and an Easy Idle, which is on the way from Canada)…

    Good luck, everyone!

  • NascarFan says:

    Same here, getting Utah Club posts together, shopping lists

    Met, still cannot print out the checklist, it only prints half the page

  • Jason K says:


    I’m sitting up at 5am waiting for the event to happen 6 hours from now, so I can’t say how it went just yet.
    However, this will end my MSOS hunt that began 4 years ago! Can’t wait!

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