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Disney Pixar CARS: GeoTrax – Game On

GeoTrax … apparently if you can cover the Earth with tracks from Geotrax … they will cover to your house to play …

Room 1

Bring your A game and your credit cards. The dude in the diaper has you beat … no, not the guy in the 1992 Huggies by the 1985 Camaro but that other guy in the diapers.


While you were drinking your Flax Oatmeal, I was working the rails all the live long day!


I move more freight by 6 AM than you shuffle papers on your desk by noon …

Room 2

I’ve got Dustin down by the docks …


Oop, 1 PM – soak down & watermelon time!

MiaSenorita taunts us with her GeoTrax collection and that she can water her lawn without being arrested by the water police.

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22 August 2009 Toys 17 Comments


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