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If You Have Too Much Money, or Free Time – We Can Kidnap You For Only 900€

If you’re in France and you’re bored of the usual tourist things, instead of buying a giant wheel of cheese for 900€, Ultime Realite will happily give you the ultimate tourist thrill – they will kidnap you! Wait, what?

” … one goal: to merge with your character and immerse yourself in an adventure that you will struggle to distinguish between fiction and reality.

Get Live and Kidnapping inside, step into the shoes of a drug dealer of a celebrity on board high-speed, sharpen your intuition, your tenacity by becoming a bounty hunter … etc. Live our new adventures in real size, feel the thrill, feel the adrenaline: Become a borderline.

The thrill, the psychological shock, the adrenaline, fear, anxiety, learn to finally meet you and exceed your limits psychological and physical.

Ultimate Reality is at your disposal to organize life-size, all new adventures out of your dreams, your nightmares or simply a movie or a book.”

Er, call me crazy but if I wanted to be tested to my psychological limits, I’ll go to Euro Disney in August …

Hopefully it will turn out less like Frantic and more like The Man Who Knew Too Little.

But enjoy your surprise when you visit France! Happy anniversary, honey! Enjoy the ride in the trunk with Gerald Depardieu!

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23 June 2012 Travel 2 Comments


  • taylor says:

    This could go real bad!! Imagine when your kidnapped its witnessed by 2-3 people who then phone the police, don’t think I would like to end up being chased by French police as your kidnappers try and explain things, too much could go wrong!

  • cac1959 says:

    No thank you…

    Interesting, but not for me.

    Perhaps this group kidnapped all the new Cars for several months?

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