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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Rumblin’, Stumblin’ Road Rumbler Mater

Thanks, “Mark T.” for the hedas up and nice photos.

The companion Mater to Road Rumbler Lightning, it’s Road Rumbler Mater.

Amazingly detailed.

Solid unibody HEAVY Mater (tow bed all metal).


Next singles … (well, some are out).


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20 September 2023 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 5 Comments


  • DisneyLover55 says:

    That’s one sick looking Mater diecast! Love the attention to detail. They could have easily chose to cut corners with this diecast, but they didn’t. Keep up the good work Mattel 🙂

  • quercy says:

    Despite the large number of new releases this year there is several HTF (Hard To Find) characters as well. Walmart getting only half-cases and Target not getting much it, the hunting is quite complicated…

    You will not find the following 2023 release at Walmart this year; Jet Robinson, Raoul Caroule, Mario Andretti, Jeremy, Westfalanapus, Misti Motorkrass, dexter Hoover, Dexter Hoover with Green Flag, Tubbs Pacer, Vladimir Trunkov, Randy, Squat, Greg Candyman, J.Shoesteer, Mark Wheelsen, You the Bomb Mater, Todd the Pizza Planet Truck and Miles Axlerod with Open Hood since they are not in any half-cases. So we must considering all of them as HTF.

    Also HFT at Target due to a very poor distribution to that store; Lee Revkins, Dirt Track Hudson Hornet, Leroy Heming, Lizzie, Crusty Rotor, Cryptid Buster Mater, Mateo, Mater with Working Tow Hook, Johnny Blamer, Braker Boggs, Adam Roadriguez and Kabuto with Flames.

    I know some area in the country have be spoiled with some of these releases but in general it is a very frustrating year for collectors across the country. Hopefully 2024 with bring the balance to the Force in the Cars universe… 😉

  • mscraig23 says:

    I think they did a great job on this Mater! Very nicely detailed but very hard to find!

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