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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2006-2022 Complete Collector’s Guide is Out

The latest edition of the Mattel Disney Pixar CARS COMPLETE EVERYTHING Alphabetical Guide has been updated to include 2022 releases …

Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: The Complete Everything CARS Open Checklist 2006-2022 – MagCloud Link.

MagCloud also ships worldwide.

The basic count is about 1,550 die casts for a complete set … of course, in 17 years, we have plenty of production variants so it all depends on how many variants you collect or hang onto … plus, you might have a few duplicates of Lightning McQueen from multiple packs.

The AMAZON listing is the same as the MagCloud edition except that they insist the title not contain the words Mattel, Disney or Pixar so the modified title …

TakeFiveaDay 1:55 CARS Die Cast (Complete Collector’s Guide 2006-2022) – Amazon Link

You can also order from Amazon’s International stores depending on where you are:

UK, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Canada & Australia. It might be listed elsewhere – do a search, if not, email me and I can see if there’s a specific link … of course, it’s only in English.

What a typical page looks like … Yes, it includes all the CARS On the Road releases from 2022 along with everything from CARS, CARS 2, CARS 3, Toons, Storytellers, Expanded Universe & even Disney Theme Parks Star Wars CARS …


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  • Karelp47 says:

    Can someone please tell me can I purchase this???
    And I’ve not heard how I can purchase the 2022 poster.
    Please help.
    Thank you!
    Gramma in Stockton,CA

    (MET: Just click o the links if you prefer the MagCloud or the Amazon version. They are the same content but we publish them in 2 places for int’l customers. If you have any issues, you can email me at metroxing (at) gmail.com). You can download the poster HERE.).

  • RCcars5 says:

    One actual page of the book is previewed on Amazon, and there’s already a spelling error on “Francesco Berboulli’s Pitty” hahaha… Who is Alex Wheelsen? It’s Alexis Wheelson.

    Come on guys.

  • Sapfir says:

    Segmented Chuck “Choke” Cables skipped.

    (ME: For non-main characters, segmented are just shown as variant available unless the unibody had a significant production change).

  • mikecee81 says:

    Maybe an April fools joke? 🙂

  • Dunroamin says:

    Magcloud link broken?

    (MET: Sorry, fixed).

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