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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Rare Promotional CARS 2 Surfin’ John Lassetire In Box!

Thanks Samuel K. for the nice & COMPLETE photos.

One of the nicest and rarest promo CARS was one given to the “crew” of CARS 2 … quantity unknown but presumably under 500 …

Of course along the way, we got LOTS of counterfeit ones … as it’s a repaint of the release John Lassetire pickup truck (or one of the other large “Chevy” pickup trucks at the time) + a surfboard.

These counterfeit/bootlegs NEVER came with the plastic case or the cardboard box – simply too hard to fake as a) bootleggers are lazy and b) just too much work to fake the case & box  so they simply said things like I lost the plastic case or tossed the cardboard box … but of course, anyone getting a promo item realizes you kept all of it to maintain authenticity …

So, Samuel K. sends along nice photos of a REAL & COMPLETE Surfin’ John Lassetire.


So, if anyone offers one to you. It’s NOT real without the cardboard box. the case and of course, the car.

I think it’s called Surfin’ John Lassetire as that was the name the Disney Store assigned to their 1:43 regular release (not quite the same but available in stores at the Disney Stores).


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