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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS On the Road: Dino Park Dinosaur Mini Racer CARS

The new Mini Racers CARS on the Road Dino Park diecasts are ultra cool! The 2022 Series 4  has some fun new dino Mini Racers!

Box is pretty obvious it has CARS on the Road diecasts.

Ankylosaurus (#37)

Quadratorquesar (#43)

Road Trip Lightning McQueen (metallic, though not marked as such) (#39)

It does include Ivy but she’s the same in the 3-pack which includes the non-metallic Road Trip Lightning so if you are collecting them all, you can get Ivy in the 3-pack.

The other new 3-pack is the ultra cool: Cave Lightning, Cave Mater & Tyrnamissaarus Rex!

Rrrrrrrra …

Totally accurate, useless small front axle and wheels. 🙂

Cave Mater.

Cave Lightning.

Non-Metallic Road Trip Lightning (3-Pack)

Ivy (same in 3-pack and as single).

Collect ’em all – will we see these as 1:55’s even not in scale in 2023? Me wantee …


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