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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mad Mel Custom Wrasslin’ Mater

Mad Mel is unconcerned about low stock, he’s just going to make his own … a very cool Wrasslin’ Mater before he went pro in the Toon short … Monster Truck Wrestling.


Funny and cool!

More to come!

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  • Mad Mel says:

    Thanks! Spotted my roommate with these thin, stretchy blue ankle socks and said to myself, “Hmm, that looks about the color of Mater’s self made wrestling costume.” She let me have the pair and it turned out to look pretty close. I only had to glue the edges under the doors, rest holds on by the sock’s elasticity. The red material, from a T-shirt, is glued on with a fabric glue. Next project, Captain Collision from the same short, but it may take a while.
    Very happy that new CARS diecast are now coming out and very grateful that takefiveaday is still here for us fans.

  • Real Gone says:

    That is very well done Mad Mel, thanks for sharing your work!

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