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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2022 2-Packs, Part 1

The 2-packs are back and hopefully on your store pegs. Some are carry-overs from 2021 but they were nigh impossible to find. 🙁

Doc Hudson is the Thai version (not vastly different but a new mold). Cruisin’ Lightning McQueen (from the Welcome to Radiator Springs line first) is the Thai version, more metallic and with the wider whitewalls …

First appearance of Floyd Mulvihill (Gasprin) and Cristy Motor (Vinyl Toupee) CARS 1 with the eyelid line.

The 1st release of Chase Racelott (Vitoline) and Cam Spinner (Triple Dent) with the eyelid line regular (non box set release).

Race Official Tom’s first appearance with the eyelid line.

And sort of unmarked, Mater with the tow hook and Lightning 2022 with the tow hook hole. Mater is just called Mater.

Part II tomo.

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  • Real Gone says:

    My local Target had 3 pegs full of these 2 packs, so nice to see that. I still haven’t seen any haulers anywhere or deluxe ones either.

    I did buy the 2 pack with tow hook Mater but I am still so very disappointed that McQueen doesn’t have the expression on the card. Was he ever released with that expression?

    • quercy says:

      Did not see any 2-pack at Walmart yet. Only Target and Kroger. I got all 2022 two-pack except Mater/McQueen… do not understand why this one is so hard to get 🙂

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