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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Winter is Finally Coming, Reindeer CAR?

Thanks, “Secret Santa” for the heads up – spotted this on the UK website, SmythToys  (pronounced Smite-th?) or Smith?) It’s real … though of course, until we hold it in our hands it’s not 100% real but it’s looking like a winter wonderland! The last holiday CARS were not an exclusive but in the mainline so these seem likely to be also.

And Winter Ramone …

Can’t recall if Winter Ramone was actually in the book?

First release HERE in 2010 – everything has been out again in some form or another except Santa CAR … Sarge with Holiday Lights didn’t arrive until 2017.

From Mater Saves Christmas – (Amazon link).


Will you need the full set?  🙂

Santa Reindeer

SmythToys link – though it managed to crash one of my browsers so they might like visitors not from the UK?

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