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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Summer Means Fun & More New CARS! (Part 1)

The 2021 poster is finalized and more cool CARS are coming! I’ll post the full poster in a couple days but I’ve highlighted the NEW through fall 2021 …

Mummy Costume Luigi & Ghost Guido … already my favorite foe 2021. Sadly, this seems to be the only Halloween release though if it’s a Target box set or separate exclusive singles, they would not go on the main poster so … of course, we have a Mater as Dracula and with Cone Teeth so that just leaves LM & the townies … wonder who gets what Halloween character …

Clovis Rider, another Thomasville classic racer.

Derek Wheeliams, which CARS movie?

Jimmy Lugwrench … I think we need a Thomasville display playset now …

Kris Revstopski, 1st with yellow flag.

Hot Rod Steve Hearsell.

And a few older CARS wit eyelid lines but not that many not already out …

Part II tomorrow.

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