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Coming Soon From 1976: STAR WARS Original 1976 Teaser Trailer (35mm)

Back in the day, you actually had to be in a theater to see a trailer for a new film … this looks slightly better than Gus (the football kicking mule) … humm, what to choose, what to choose …

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16 April 2021 Disney Star Wars 8 Comments


  • quercy says:

    The first seconds of Episode IV at theater when the Destroyer chasing the Tantive IV hovering us on the big screen make me out of my breath! I never experienced such a feeling in theater after that! That movie is still today my best movie experience for so many reasons. How many movies can you remember which theater you were, where you sat and who was/were with you? 🙂

  • Real Gone says:

    I was 7 when it came out and never saw it in the theater, we must have seen it on TV. I very clearly remember seeing Empire Strikes Back in the theater in 1980. I was so afraid for Luke during his confrontation with Darth Vader that I jumped up and ran out of the theater and turned around and ran right back in because I didn’t want to miss anything. (And fortunately I didn’t!)

    I wish I could experience watching the original trilogy all over again as if I had never seen it before. Such amazing movies.

    (MET: Fun & cool memory! 🙂 )

  • quercy says:

    Instantly bring me back in 77 !!! 🙂

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I recall seeing that exact trailer when we went to see “Silver Streak” with Gene Wilder!

    (MET: Were you sold? 🙂 ).

    • Mack_me_Bucko says:

      I was then 15, my bother was 27 (he took me to most movies, not my parents) and we were really sold on it — it was so much better when we did see it with the final soundtrack. I remember the sound effects in the trailer of all the ships and guns was a real talking point between us.

      • Real Gone says:

        It is so cool that your brother took you to movies like that. My older sister (3 years my senior) took me to see Rambo First Blood Part II. That was an awesome movie for a 14 year old to see in the theater!

        • Mack_me_Bucko says:

          He also took me to see James Bond films, from “Diamonds are Forever” onward, as well as “2001” in Cinerama way back when I was only 8!

          (MET: 2001 was head scratching for 28-year olds. 🙂 … Diamonds … ahh, the last of the old school Bond’s …).

          • Real Gone says:

            That is fantastic that you were able to see “2001” in the theater! That is one I would like to see on the big screen. My Mom took me and a friend to see Tron and I also got to see The Dark Crystal in the theater as well with another friend and his Mom.

            As I am thinking about seeing these movies, I am remembering that going to the movies was pretty special as it did not happen often at all. Most of them I saw in a family owned theater in Seward, NE, not far from our farm where I grew up.

            Something that has taken my entire life for me to realize is that less truly is more. I can remember, for example, the movies I saw as a kid and teenager better than ones I see now as I saw far fewer of them so they had a bigger impact on me. I also still have just about all of my Hot Wheels cars which is around 35 or so. They are all well loved and played with and I got more out of playing with those than I would have had I owned a lot more.

            Just doing some reflecting even as I am asking myself why I do the things I do and what do I need to learn from my actions and motivations so I can make better choices and decisions.

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