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Always Put Dino or Dinoco in Your Gas Tank!

In the real world, Sinclair back in the day had some cool looking gas stations that might even be fancier than Flo’s!

(And ‘Service Station’ meant greeting and pumping your gas at the pump … do they still do that in Oregon & NJ?)

Toy Story “Dinoco” – a brontosaurus just like Sinclair.

By Toy Story 4, they changed the typeface to match more like the CARS Dinoco but with a slightly different design and color.

CARS Dinoco. And the T-Rex logo is one of the few “organic” references in CARS though maybe the T-Rex was more a robotic machine?*

Sinclair was fading under the ARCO Brand but they sold it off and it’s even revived!

By 2018, Sinclair gas stations were widely distributed across the United States with gas stations in Arkansas (1), Arizona, California (dozens – mostly Southern Cal), Colorado (dozens), Connecticut, Iowa (dozens), Idaho (dozens), Kansas, Kentucky, Minnesota (dozens), Missouri (dozens), Montana (dozens), Nebraska (dozens), North Dakota, Nevada (dozens), New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma (dozens), Oregon (dozens), South Dakota (dozens), Texas, Utah (dozens), Washington, Wisconsin (1), and Wyoming (dozens).

You can read more at Wikipedia.

*speaking of which, you can zipline into Godzilla’s mouth … I’m not one to zipline into anything except maybe an all-you-can-eat buffet but into Godzilla’s mouth? That’s now on the list.

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