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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Protect & Serve, Road Trip Canon?

Thanks for the heads up and photo, “Carl P.”

Carl P. made a nice observation in re-reading the CARS book, “Protect & Serve.”

And there’s Sheriff with his trailer!

Making the Road Trip Series much more Canon!

Of course, the new 2022 Disney+ CARS series is Mater & Lightning driving around the country so the whole Road Trip series with trailers might be relaunched?

And maybe we’ll FINALLY see the “Protect & Serve” Toon? Maybe that will be the lead in to the series?

Yes, the Toon was ready to premiere in 2015 and then went into a black hole.

Though we have 3 of the diecasts (out 8 years) …

mike - blue


The 3-pack is still available at Amazon – about twice the original price.


Only the Disney Store released a Mater with Police Tape though …

You can still pick up the book here.


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