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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Need More Toons, Please

The last few days, we’ve been going through Toons that are missing some diecasts – two of the later ones really, really, really need more diecasts,  from UFO MATER …

We got 4 diecasts including the great Corporal Kim:

Announced but not released, Andy Gearsdale …  🙁

Missing GI Mia & Tia.

UFO Pitty’s.

And some more Army vehicles!

FROM MOON MATER, we need a ton more …

NASCA Mia & Tia.

Retro Rockets Mater.

Lightning with Thrusters.

Re-Entry Lightning

Moon Man Impala tat needed rescuing.

Plus a slew of old-timey retro reporters …



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