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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: More Toons Needed …


El Materdor Mater was released in Europe but never got a US release so they can bring him out plus a version wit his missing hood and or a dirty version.

It was a great looking diecast …

The Disney Store gave us an El Materdor Lightning but none from Mattel.

No Senorita Mia & Tia from Mattel (I think there are Disney Store versions).

We did get the Padre but not the Pitty though we got one from CARS 2 that was essentially the same …

While we got a lot of cool diecasts from HEAVY METAL MATER

The easy to add Metal Mia & Tia …

The Studio Pitty’s.

The band …

And the “controversial” Mia & Tia Waitresses at the ‘Top Down’ Truck Stop … which of course, someone people call ‘Top Down’ well, topless but of course Mia & Tia have their tops up and THEY ARE CARS but I guess people are ultra sensitive now … and it’s Disney & Mattel so it’s likely we’ll never get these unless they obscure the logo …

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  • DisneyLover55 says:

    I’d also love to see them produce some of the trucks at the truck stop! Mattel could have a lot of fun just throwing out trucks with different paint schemes and we’d buy em’!

  • DisneyLover55 says:

    I don’t have any diecasts from Heavy Metal Mater. One of my biggest collecting regrets! In my opinion it’s one of the best shorts produced.

  • quercy says:

    Tia Mia in each Toon short are just sooooo collectible! Particularly the pink ones with cowboy hats in Monster Truck Mater!

  • MackDaddy says:

    Love seeing these screen shots! Thanks for sharing.

  • quercy says:

    Not too many characters in Moon Mater but I would like to see the Impala XIII in mattel scale (Disney Store did it) We got 2 versions of Autonaut McQueen, Autonaut Mater, the Nasca Truck and a plastic version of Roger under Take Flight series but Moon Mater have few nice reporters they could do too…

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