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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mini Racer Todd, Pizza Planet is Distilled Hi Lux!

The new mini racer Todd, Pizza Planet is distilled greatness in a tiny package!

He’s all metal including the camper shell and the Pizza planet logo.

He comes in the “Blind Box” YELLOW BOX – he is #25 in this series.  (code as example).

Even if the retailer has swapped out the box, the 2020 Mini Racers in the blind box are re-numbered from #1 (checklist coming soon) – so Todd is #25.

Mini Racers Series 2020 #3 (series #4 is a blue box).

If he’s in the original box, there’s a pic on the side though the code on the side of the POP display is Mattel’s internal code and is not marked on the mini racers box.

ARVY is the ‘chase’ CAR in Series Box #3 but he’s out already. He’s easier to tell as he in the box weighs like he’s made of gold (or lead).,

Todd comes in a plastic bag – most do not.

Scale to clean Todd from 2018.

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21 February 2020 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 4 Comments


  • FischAutoTechGarten says:

    with a dremel kit to take off the bomb/blimp from the roof, this truck is a good basis for a few custom cars (I bet you could make Roscoe from him.)..

  • FischAutoTechGarten says:

    In my area I saw blind boxes in a Fry’s Supermarket once. There was one left, I rolled the dice and bought it.. It was a River Scott. I already had 3. However, I like to gift River Scott to kids and tell them the story of Wendell Scott…

    But yeah, I don’t know who else in the southern Arizona area carries these blind boxes.

  • quercy says:

    These blind boxes never showed up in any store in my area.

  • Real Gone says:

    What stores sell these? I haven’t seen them before in the small boxes.

    (MET: I saw Series #1 in WM but not sure if they are still getting them??_

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