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Backblaze: Unlimited Cloud Backup

If you need an automatic cloud backup setup, I highly recommend Backblaze. For around $6 a month, UNLIMITED automatic backup to the cloud. Just pick the folders you want to backup and it’s done in the background.

Yes, I have a desktop auto backup but you really need a backup of your backup if the files are important to you.

What’s great is you can access your files via an app or the browser or worse case scenario, when I had an entire HDD die, you can simply request the files on a hard drive FREE (you put a deposit on it), they mail it to you and you have 30 days to copy the files off. It works great! I hughly recommend them.

(If you sign up through our link HERE, we make a few bucks also).

(they also have multiple user accounts).


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4 September 2019 Apple Mac No Comment

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