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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2020 New Singles Case DXV29-958R Breakdown

Here’s the breakdown on the 2020 Singles Case DXV29-958R hitting store pegs.

ALL NEW – Hot Rod Smokey & Hot Rod Junior Moon.

New variants for 2020 – Otto Bonn (CARS 2) and Chase Racelott who in addition to the windshield eyelid line has a slightly different paint scheme.

CARS 1 new variants – Waitress Flo, Kevin Racingtire (Shifty Drug) & James Cleanair (Vitoline).

Recent carryovers from 2019 but not in huge supply so if you missed them, they’re back.

(that is actually CARS 1 Chuck Armstrong not Dud though I guess he is a dud as Dud).

CARS 2 & CARS 1 Mater variant (unibody & with eyelid line).

Common re-releases.

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3 September 2019 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS One Comment

One Comment

  • wheelart New Zealand says:

    Hello Met,
    This case has just been on the shelves here in Gisborne New Zealand at our local Warehouse retailer.
    Just purchased Hot Rod Smokey and Motor Turner. There were 13 Cards hanging when I got there. New Blue Cards.
    Missed out on Hot Rod Junior Moon and Chase Racelott. Maddy McGear was gone.
    Case P has just been through end Of July also.
    Managed to purchase Hey Day Smokey, Mike Stockar, Metalic Sally Scavenger Hunt, Mater with 95 Hat, Barry De Pedal NGR, Richie Gunzit NGR and Micheal Rotor NGR.
    Back in June found Antonio Veloce Eccellente, Radiator Springs Cars, red card with Image (the notoriously HTF and expensive Final Lap release White Maserati)After all these years!
    The XRS Mud Racers are warming the hangers.
    Pwwhew surprize surprize, here down under.

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