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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2020 Mini Racers 3-Packs & Bind Boxes

Thanks “Get Me Collectibles” for the heads up and photos.

The 2020 Mini Racers have a 1970’s retro look … the new 3-packs are decided different looking than the ones out now …

The all new Mini XRS Racers: Lightning, Jackson Storm & Cruz Ramirez.

Most of the other three packs are like the current ones – 1 new release plus 2 other singles.

While the “blind bags’ are not “blind boxes,” they are still stamped with the number code so you are not truly blind – nice!

The last two numbers are the current numbering scheme. The new box seems to #1 to #12 … so nothing new yet …

The checklist where most of 1-60 are named is HERE.

I think Get Me Collectibles has both these in stock.

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  • bernschab says:


    i cannot confirm the “nothing new” about the blind boxes. i ran into these boxes for the first time today at my local store (austria). a couple of boxes were already opened, so that you could see what’s inside. i noticed the following:

    1 – lightning mcqueen
    3 – sarge
    4 – chick hicks
    5 – jackson storm
    10 – ramone

    there was also a cal weathers, but i forgot the number. all numbers from 1 to 11 were present, all codes started with M17A as shown above, but the order seems to have changed.

    and, this might be unrelated but, when researching these boxes later i found a picture of a RED next to a box with the code M18A/05.

    looking forward to insights.

    (MET; Yea, no new numbered singles …).

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