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Disney Pixar CARS: Disney Store v Takara Tomy J.D. Drive Apple Next Gen Racer

Since it’s unlikely we’re getting a J.D. Drive Apple Next Gen racer from Mattel … you can add a different scale one from the Disney Store (1:43 scale) or the one from Takara Tomy (1;64 scale) …

The Jackson Storm is the Mattel 1:55 series.

With the Mini Racer included for scale.

But if you display the Takara Tomy one just right, it sort of works … (with 3 of the Mattel 1:55 Next Gen racers).

The Disney Store one is a huge, heavy hunk of metal.

I like the proportions and design of the Takara Tomy 1:64 one better … it’s also solid metal diecast.

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