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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Doc’s Precision Series Playset – PRE ORDER •

15% THERE, 3 Weeks

The Precision Series Doc’s Ornamental Valley Mechanical Clinic Playset will ONLY be made if they get pre-orders of 3,000.

So, if we don’t order, it does not get produced!

It’s a GREAT LOOKING set with tons of details.

Available ONLY at Shop.Mattel.

15% of the way there with 3 weeks to go!

Why is Mattel ‘crowdfunding’ this?

Mattel needs 3,000 orders by 5/21/19 to produce these.

REASON #1 – Because we lost TOYS R US, there is no toy retailer willing to buy a few thousand units. TRU not only was willing to commit to expensive. large items like playsets, they did not mind keeping product on the shelves if they didn’t sell out immediately (Target clears everything and anything out after a few months). TRU had about 800 stores plus the online site, they would’ve easily order 2,000 units and then another retailer plus Shop Mattel orders would cleared 3,000 easily.

REASON #2 –  This is actually a great gesture on Mattel’s part – instead of just canceling it outright, they are willing to make it IF WE ORDER IT. It’s very straightforward. BUY IT.  And they will make it. You don’t have to wait or hope for the best like an exclusive, just click to BUY.

Yes, it’s not a cheap piece but look at the photos BELOW or HERE. It’s a great looking set – the detailing is great.

So, get your order in – about 20 days left!

Available ONLY at Shop.Mattel.

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  • shaunnydee says:

    I don’t understand why it has to be such a high number???
    1000 would be achievable and anything more would be a bonus…
    They already have a mould from the preview model,
    Why do they need 3000 to make it so worth production?

    Does anyone know how many Flo’s were made?

    (MET: Probably more Flo’s as it was a full launch … 3K is probably the minimum to break even – it does take work to create all those molds for a piece that might not get re-used, a great set for collectors but the average person would not see much “play” value).

  • Later Mater says:

    i meant 3000

    (MET; Well, if you have a number you want to order, I can ask …)

  • Later Mater says:

    Will they give a discounted price if all 300 get ordered?

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