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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2019 Diecasts Singles Case H (UPDATED)

Thanks “SPK65” & “Samuel K.: for the updated info on singles CASE H.

This case contains a Scavenger Hunt diecast – Metallic Marilyn.

NEW Singles include: Todd Krash (rusty), Mater with 95 Hat, Nick Pit-Tire (Nigel Gearsley’s Pitty, Andrew Vrooman (cool “El Camino,”), Michael Rotor, and Next Gen Richie Gunzit & Jet Robinson (both out already but new for 2019).

Variants include:  2019 Heyday Smokey, and Rip Clutchgoneski (eyelid). Sally, Miguel Camino & Natalie Certain getting an eyelid line plus maybe some other production changes?

We are also getting a 1st release in 2019 of Lightning as Chester Whipplefilter, Also variant?

Looks like another great case with lots of new diecasts.

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