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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Good Holiday Season

I don’t know if my closest Target is representative but it was filled with about 70% 2017 card singles (and 30% 2018) so the pegs are cleared and they will definitely get some new stock of some kind.

And this all happened in the last few days – panic buying? Last I looked, they had the 11-pack and the new Mack track so sales look good.

Hot Wheels & Matchbox had a good Holiday selling season – while I don’t check here as often, it was definitely not empty last I looked so kis got diecasts …

People definitely bought Christmas CD’s.

And no surprise, Super Smash Bros was a smash.

Guess there’s no much to clearance … can’t wait for the reset.

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28 December 2018 Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS 3 One Comment

One Comment

  • quercy says:

    It is definitely not representative… First, the nearest 3 Target from my home does not have as much space allowed for Cars like yours… the pegs are filled with 2017 single…. few 2-pack and deluxe 2018 and are from the same cases for a year now. There is no clearance so it may take a while before new stuff arrive….

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