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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: New Mini Racers 3-Pack CASE P

Thanks for the pics and heads up, “Get Me Collectibles,” they have the case in stick in case you’re interested.

The Glow in the Dark racers.

The three racers are all Glow in the Dark though they do not look very different from the regular releases.

And for some oddball reason, only Danny Swerez has the glow snipe but they are all glow … NICE!

Metallic Series is all metallic.

Metallic Cal Weathers.

Metallic Dinoco Chick Hicks.

Metallic Dinoco Lightning McQueen.

Mini Racers Derby Racers Series.

Mini APB.

Mini Cigalert.

Mini Fishtail.

Silver (Metallic) Seris.

Silver Chick Hicks.

Silver King.

Silver natalie Certain.

And Radiator Springs Glow in the Dark series

Mini Racers, Collect ’em All!

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