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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Ryan Inside Laney Merges Into Variant Lane

Thanks for the heads up, “Samuel K.”  but there is a variant for Ryan “Inside” Laney.

He now comes with back window supports.

The singles version from 2017 did NOT contain window supports.

But when he was released in box sets later last year and in the 11-pack this year, they added back window supports.

It’s subtle as it’s not painted but as you can see on the left, it’s there.

He has not been re-released as a single in 2018.

So, to recap:

2017 Ryan Inside Laney single – no back window support.

2017 Ryan Inside Laney box sets – with window supports.

2018 Ryan Inside Laney box sets – with window supports.

So, this 11-pack keeps adding variants, the Piston Cup Race 11-pack (Target only) now with 4 exclusives or variants (besides the Mater with Lightning Bolt hat) – Tow Cap JD Pillar with window support variant, the Metallic Nitroade and now 2018 Ryan Inside Laney with window supports.

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