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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Tow Cap JD Pillar a Pillar of the Variant Community

Thanks for the photos and heads up, “Samuel K.”

It looks like 2018 Tow Cap JD Pillar is a variant from his 2017.

JD Pillar now has window supports on the back window (as he should have had all along).

A little hard to see as he;s in the dark zone of the 11-pack but it definitely has back window supports where there was none before.

The 2018 version only appears to be in the Piston Cup Race 11-pack (Target only) (so far), now with 3 exclusives – Tow Cap JD Pillar variant, the Metallic Nitroade and Mater with Lightning Bolt hat.

2017 Tow Cap JD McPillar.


Collect ’em all.


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