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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Demo Derby Series 2018?

Thanks “Jeff B” for the heads up. He spotted these on eBay … It looks like the Demo Derby with Accessory series is returning.

Yes, they are odd in the 2017 card design but I guess if the warning legalese needs to be that giant block of text, why update it with a screenshot that will 40% be blocked by legalese?

The “Synthetic Rubber Tire” snipe is gone. A cost savings? Not “rubber tire” anymore presumably.

2 of the 3 in the series revealed are new – Jimbo comes with tires, Fishtail comes with fire barrels (both released as singles but not in the Demo Derby series with accessories). Lightning as Chester Whipplefilter is returning in the series but with a new breakaway sign instead of flaming barrels.

Are there more?

Are they still a Walmart exclusive?

The bottom auction is from Canada so will these come to the US soon – eventually I’m sure but in 2018?


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  • Later Mater says:

    They have been in Canada Walmart’s for a few months now.

  • quercy says:

    I have seen these cards on that website too like you said for a very long time… I am wondering why producing “ready for sale” items and not distributing? Stocking for so long cost money… What is the rationality of MATTEL production/distribution? After chasing Cars for nearly 12 years now I still do not understand how this could be the most efficient/profitable way in Toys/collectible industry?…

  • chevyman46933 says:

    These have been listed near the bottom of a French website checklist under cars 2018 for 7/8 months. Haven’t seen them in person yet however.

    (MET: Interesting … thanks).

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