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Disney Pixar CARS 3: Dinoco Skips the Florida 500

There was some question if Dinoco sponsored a driver in the Florida 500 race (the race where Cruz replaces Lightning as the Rust-eze driver).

There are only about 30 cars on the starting grid. There’s a lot of intercutting so we don’t see all of the cars clearly but there are Next Gen racers already released as singles or easy to pick out like the Apple car racer. I basically went through frame by frame through the race. No Dinoco sponsored driver.

But we do get a nice look at Next Gen racers not out or announced as singles … yet.

Vinyl Toupee & Rev N Go.

Next Gen No Stall.

I thought I saw a 43 but the dream sequence blue-teal tractor-racer turned out to be Triple Dent #93.

The updated Piston Cup racers diecast checklist is HERE.

What brought on this discussion was whether Cruz Ramirez should be listed as the new Dinoco racer as she appears in the end of the film as their new driver in Dinoco design … it seems confirmed as there was no apparent Dinoco racer in the Florida race. I suppose you could argue that Tex Dinoco seems like the deliberate sort and when Cal was let go, they decided to select a new driver in a slow process and wait until a new season.

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2 October 2018 Disney Pixar CARS 3 2 Comments


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