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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Precision Series Playset Lizzie’s Curio Shop

The Precision Series Playset Lizzie’s Curio Shop seems to be returning to stock.

Loaded with lights.

“Traffic signal blinks only three times after pressing it’s button, then shuts off. Doesn’t have a “constant” mode. It has no electric connection to the shop, it has its own very large and distracting battery box. The lights on the shop have two modes, a normal mode that just lights up, and a “light show” mode that blinks the individual signs in sequences. It’s very enjoyable, just wish the switch for the traffic light was a sliding switch where it could be left on constantly. Also wish the street lamp lit up.”

She’s back in black … and LIT. There is a single version coming – probably opening hood?

It looks like the released version has the battery above the street light. Thanks for the heads up, “Mad Mel” and nice photos.

Walmart.com has it for $155 (free shipping) 

Mad Mel says hi from Pixar – he was at the Incredibles 2 event at Pixar earlier in the summer.


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