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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Xtreme Racing Series (XRS) Coming to Walmart or Target?

It looks like we have another CARS 3 Extended Universe Series … Xtreme Racing Series (XRS) … originally, there was just a playset listed so I presumed it was a plastic series but this new description says it’s diecast … so with TRU out of the picture, an exclusive or WM or Target?

Official description:

‘XRS Mud Racing die-casts! Inspired by Thunder Hollow, these favorite character vehicles bring innovation to competition play and collecting and can tear up the demolition derby track and do big off road damage! Each 1:55 scale die-cast comes with signature designs, off-road features, oversized wheels, mud-splashed bodies and real suspensions for thrilling, bouncing, all-terrain fun! Choose Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm, Cal Weathers, Speedy Comet and Barry DePedal, and push racing play to the limits. Cars Xtreme Racing Series Mud Racing die-casts come in “Try-Me” packaging to check out their real suspension in advance. Each vehicle sold separately,”

(Only a low res photo available).

“The Xtreme Racing Series (XRS) is a high-octane challenge that takes Lightning McQueen and his racing friends to a new level of competition. The first event of the series celebrates mud and mayhem at Thunder Hollow. Lightning and his fellow Piston Cup racers will learn the skills it takes to compete as Xtreme Racers! Themed for Miss Fritter’s Racing School, this Crash Challenge lets you launch your favorite Xtreme Racing Series vehicles into action. Launch one car at a time or face off with two cars and race to the finish. The first car to hit the diverter will cause the competitor to crash off the track. If you’re victorious, you get the thrill of crashing through barrels as you burst out of the race. Increase the challenge.”

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