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Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 Diecasts & New Toys

Thanks for the heads up, Steve N.”

From Jaxx, not sure of the scale but 1:64ish – as it’s a cartoon world,  what is the scale?

There appears to be 4 diecasts:

Mr. Incredibles car which seems to be just called INCREDIBLE – also comes in a version with flames called BOOSTED INCREDIBLE.

The other two are a “POLICE CAR” and the “UNDERMINER TUNNELER”

The Underminer Tunneler is not in scale if we go by him coming up underground in the first film – that thing looked like the size of a semi ,,, of course, they are about 1,390 diecast releases behind CARS. 🙂

The new Funko Jack Jack is perfect

Of course, the Blind Box Incredibles 2 Mini Jack Jack as the Torch is pretty hilarious.


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25 April 2018 Disney Pixar 2 Comments


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