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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: More Fun Thunder Hollow Customs From Mad Mel

Mad Mel is hard at work on his Thunder Hollow … we want a room sized mud pit in your house like Richard Dreyfus in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS.  🙂 Thanks!

“No progress on the Faregame project. May have to go to a printshop to help me with the decals. In the meantime, been working on the pair of forklifts from Thunder Hollow Speedway. Bought a pair from “Mater the Greater.” Their names are “Lug” and “Nutty.” Repainted yellow. Then utilized  tires and wheels from an HO scale ’40s Dodge Powerwagon (front) and a Mercedes Galandewagon (rear). Going to use tank from the new “Ghostbuster’s” wagon diecast for the propane tanks. Plastic sheeting for fenders, random plastic “cobblestone” plastic sheet for side vents. The sign board is made from a $1.98 frame from “Michael’s, cut down. The backing is made up of popscicle sticks bought from the dollar store. Stain is produced from markers for wood, also from the dollar store. The actual sign is a screen grab. Have an old Photoshop program which was used to “clone” fom other areas to cover where McQueen was blocking. Have modified the “wrapped” McQueen with a “worried” eyelid look, and changed the mouth profile. Still needs paint detail. Also, am modifying “Hit” (of “Hit” and “Run”) car as the photographer as seen in the beginning of the segment. “

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