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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Radiator Springs Birthday 5-Pack

Thanks “John H.” for the heads up & photo.

The “Birthday” Themed Series of singles and this box set is probably a TRU exclusive …

Unlike the RS Classics singles of 2018, the eye-positions/expressions are same as it ever was – not variants/not “new.”

It looks like these are just meant to use as birthday gifts to tykes/friends/tinder dates/colleagues where they save you the cost of a bow … it doesn’t allude to a CARS anniversary (film or diecast) …

The singles list has been updated: Lightning McQueen, Fillmore, and Sarge are coming as singles.

Luigi & Guido with Paint Rollers was listed originally but now it just reads Luigi & Guido, so which is correct?

There are 2 Ramone’s listed, one we know is Yellow Ramone.

Not sure what the other Ramone will be – but probably either Green or Purple Ramone.

Blowing Bubble Mater is also still listed as single

So, that’s the 7 singles listed.

Bt wait, there’s more! There is a SECOND 5-pack box listed.

The original release list also included a: Sally and Van (Mini/Minny not on the list) so they are no listed as singles anymore, they’re probably in the 2nd box set?

Collect ’em all?

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