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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: 2018 Singles Case C Looks Nice

CASE C looks pretty nice – while it contains a repeat of CASE B, CASE C comes with the sign accessory with each diecast so you might as well get this case.

There are 9 CARS that are NEW and you get the sign accessory.

There are 6 releases that re re-releases but the first release with the sign so they’ll have signs that have not been released so far (though Luigi & Guido might have a 95 Rust-eze sign that is a re-use).

There is one mystery Mater that is listed as “Mater Chief,”  hopefully it’s new but maybe it’s Mater as Crew Chief from CARS 2 (aka: Race Team Mater) ?

So 16 unique releases out of 24 is a nice ratio.

There are three repeat releases with a sign that was released in 2017 – though these will be on the 2018 cards.

CARS Lightning McQueen*, Storm Jackson & Dinoco Cruz Ramirez.

*Lightning in CASE B is the Metallic CARS 3 Lightning McQueen … does CASE C have the regular Lightning or the Metallic version?

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