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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: 2018 Singles CASE B Preview

Thanks for the heads up, “John H.”

Here are the new characters in the CASE B mix. The rest are a mix of mostly CARS 3 but a few Townies and even Lewis Hamilton from CARS 2.

Should start shipping to stores in the next few weeks – drop us a line if you actually spot it at retail.

Florida Ramone

Sally “with new expression” – probably a different name like CARS 3 Sally?

Miguel Camino Pitty – Honk Cho.

Metallic Lightning McQueen.

Next Gen Tank Coat Rich Mixon.

Next Gen Sputter Stop Sheldon Shifter..

Rust-eze Racing Center Trainee Tom W.

Cards samples are a mix of US & Int’l cards.

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  • TTFN says:

    Yay!This case just showed up at my local walmart. Only took 11 months.

    I’m a little less excited about finding these since rereading this post.

  • TrunkFreshGreen says:

    A lot of people have already spotted the first deluxe case of 2018 in the US, but on International Card. Every other found 2018 item in the US uses International card, meaning that it will be like this everywhere in the world. The US ones most likely won’t make it to retail.

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