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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Mini Diecast 3-Packs Checklist

The CARS Mini Diecast 3-Packs Coming …

Singles coming HERE.

Like the singles, presumably there will be a code on the package if the CARS are not visible (we don’t know what the 3-pack packaging will look like).

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  • alexlnufc says:

    I guess this means the 4th wave of blind bags will be full of gold/silver/metallic releases as well, was hoping we’d see more new cars though, given that there’s still a lot of interesting cars we haven’t got yet. (Though I guess they may be holding some bigger characters back for new releases in later waves)

    Any idea when these are expected, or when the 10-20 packs are coming yet?

    (MET: The list is through next Fall … so it’s hard to tell how much the box sets/multi-packs will duplicate what’s out other than there seem to be at least 1-2 exclusives in the multi-pack … and some are implied to be “first look” so …).

    • alexlnufc says:

      FPT78 includes 4 cars? Looks to be an odd pack anyway, with 2 gold & 2 normal cars.

      (MET: That’s the listing which kind of makes sense as they figure Guido is so tiny … but we’ll have to wit and see …).

      • alexlnufc says:

        Which one is Guido replacing then? As it says Lightning & Jackson gold, Luigi & Cruz (I guess Cruz?)

        (MET: Whoops, thought it was Guido but they have released Luigi so that is the listing but as for its accuracy, we’ll see …)

  • Refriedbeans says:

    Actually, Amazon has two of the 3 packs available with packaging photos.

  • John says:

    Three packs look like these:

    First two are listed as ‘in stock’ for $9.45 each at Amazon


    (MET: Thx!)

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