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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: International Mini CARS 3 on Card

Thanks “MackDaddy” for the heads up and photos.

Apparently in international markets, the Mattel diecast Mini’s is on card. (original card looks like it’s EU formatted).

Interesting. Presumably it’s either a shoplifting reason (in case you ever wondered why toys tend to come in giant blisters and “over” packaging) or they figured since people might not know the characters as well, they want to see it versus a “blind bag.”

Presumably it’s the first 12 or so from the US ones in the “bags.” US Checklist HERE.

Back of the card. Sticker is in Chinese so it’s available there also.

The code at the top (next to j hook) is the product number code for the Mini’s – but since they are not “blind,” the numbers do not make much of a difference but they seem to be cded different than the US versions.

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