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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: 1:55 Diecast & Card Checklist

What’s out so far – for card collectors, the Small logo cards, the Large logo cards and now the cards with Mini Posters – collect ’em all!

And all the diecasts only from Box Sets, 2-Packs and/or other configurations.

Next time, I’ll list the Haulers but there are only 4ish so far.

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  • laurzie12 says:

    Since I am SO new on this site….. What came first… the Cars 3 packs with bonus poster, or just the plain packs? Also I was in 2 wal-marts, 1 Target and and Toys R Us today. I had all of them look in the back for more die casts…. the boxes they brought out were marked 5/1/2017… makes me feel like I am late to the cars collecting game! We have all of them now except Bruce Miller, TG Castlenut, Blindspot.. and of course the newer ones, Louise Nash, Junior Moon etc… haven’t seen them hit stores yet. Thanks!!!!!

    (MET: I’ll do a full post on this topic next week so everyone is caught up. Thanks for reading!)

  • laurzie12 says:

    Also just realized I have a Cruz Ramirez with all white tires and white splash on the yellow paint…. can’t seem to find any info on her variations. 🙂

    (MET: From Fireball 4 Box Set – POST is HERE).

  • laurzie12 says:

    Thanks so much for this list! I noticed it was missing Arvy? He came as a DELUXE car. Also missing one variation that my 7 year old found. Ponchy Wipeout the rims are different colors (like you have, … the eyes, one has a black background, the other blue! 🙂 I am trying desperately to find a complete list of every single Cars die cast ever made… guessing it doesn’t exist… I also go to 3 stores a day (yes I am nuts) and have been snagging some awesome things off and on! Just got Lane Locke today!

    (MET: I only listed CARS that are readily available or showing up in most stores so there are a few stores with new stock on the shelves, great for you! If you do have a Ponchy Wipeout with a blue eyebrow/windshield, send us a pic! metroxing@ gmail.com – thx!)

    • Mack_me_Bucko says:

      Hmm, Ponchy with blue eyelids would be a new variant on the two existing ones already out (black eyelids, but with either black or yellowy-green rims).

      • laurzie12 says:

        I just double checked, its Ralph Carlow. One has black behind eyes, one has blue! Ponchy just seems to have the tire color variations. So sorry!

        (MET: Interesting – send us a pic – phone pic is fine).

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