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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Y Case with Poster Arrives at Target

Looks like the Y Case with poster is arriving at Target … Thanks for the heads up & photo  “Steve N.”

Poster snipe on the left hand side of the card.

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  • loics says:

    I still haven’t seen any of these. Just like Tow Cap / Lil Torquey never stopped by our area (San Diego North county). Walmart has been outstanding but Targets here never get good stuff. Same for TRU.

  • quercy says:

    Did not see any trace of Taco, Cigalert, Lizzie, Dirt Hudson, etc… anywhere yet so how should I expect to see this case ???? We are stocked for a while overhere too….

  • BMW says:

    Met I found this case 2 days ago at Target.

    But I am not sure if its indeed case Y? Because there were Rust eze Racing Center LMQ with the Poster Snipe on the card and the poster included under the car. I found 3 of the Rusteze RC LMQ on the pegs.

    (MET: It sounds like Target is getting their own version of Y?)

    • Rainman says:

      BMW is correct.
      Target’s version of Y is called Case Q.
      Pics to follow soon.

      Shiny Wax
      Danny Swervez
      Ralph Carlow
      Rex Revler
      Cruz Frances Beltline
      Dinoco Cruz
      Luigi and Guido
      Mater xs 2
      Chester Whipplefilter McQueen
      Cars 3 McQueen
      Fabulous McQueen
      Target Exc (not for long) McQueen x’s 2

      (MET: Thanks!)

  • Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad says:

    If this or any of the other new cases actually arrive at any of my 4 targets any time in the next month I will be impressed. All these stores have received multiple shipments since early July but have yielded us nothing more than the same ol’ wave 1 releases time and again. Almost getting to the point where I would end my 2x a week stops for a month if I weren’t already by these stores for something else; then we know, though, that these cases would come in the next day! hurry up and wait!!!!

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