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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Singles CASE T – More Wave 2 is Coming!

Thanks, “Get Me Collectibles” for the heads up and info.

Case Y was announced with posters – not sure if all subsequent cases from here on out contain posters.


*Herb Curbler, the name – has been assigned to two different CARS so we’re not 100% sure if Faux Wheel Drive’s Next Gen racer’s name is correct or not.

We don’t know what accessory Mater will come with – just a placeholder photo from back in the day when Mater came with a Lamp.

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  • laurzie12 says:

    Can anyone confirm that this case actually has Mater with Lamp?

    • Mack_me_Bucko says:

      It likely doesn’t. Met used that image as a placekeeper since no further information was available.

      (MET: Yes, that’s why I grayed it out and noted below but it’s looking likely you get the CARS 3 race flag guy, KRIS but unconfirmed).

  • aortiz268 says:

    How do we find out what the next case letter would be?

    (MET: Normally, we go in alphabetical order but this year is all over the alphabet … I think there’s a U case but I’m unsure of its content).

    • aortiz268 says:

      Why does toys r us the biggest toy store in nyc not put the new cases on the shelf its the same ones ever truck delivery

      (MET: TRU has spent the past 5 years trying to figure out how to be in the high margin business – whether that’s toys or potato chips or whatever …).

      • quercy says:

        I lived in 3 different states in the last 10 years and have never seen any TRU having a good selection of Cars diecast 1:55 scale. I do not believe that will change especially beeing so close to bankruptcy…. we must mainly rely on Target and WalMart now….

  • aortiz268 says:

    What’s the case number that goes along with case t

  • laurzie12 says:

    So if I go to Target, or any store… I can just look for the case on the top shelf with a T? It’s that easy? I mean I have been driving to 3+ stores a day for 4 months until I found this site….

    (MET: Target does not store anything on the floor so it’s pretty much what you see on the pegs – some TRU and WM stores have overstock above the pegs … you can also buy the cases directly from indie resellers. In SEPT, retail stores “reset” after back to School/Labor Day so hopefully new stock is coming soon).

    • loics says:

      it really depends where you live… Walmart seems to be doing an outstanding job distributing its products all across the US. Target and TRU: I’m not so happy here in SoCal….

  • quercy says:

    If I have to guess…. Mater accessory will be the same phone boot from Return to Radiator Spring 10-pack but the screen will show McQueen in lieu of Rusty & Dusty.

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