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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: RPM Driver Bruce Miller (UPDATE)

Thanks “Big Bad A-Man’s Dad” for the photos and heads up.

From the “new” Amazon 10-pack …

Some of these other releases definitely might be common re-releases.

Speaking of common, RPM has a pretty common name – presumably a Pixarian?

Nice graphics.

With CARS 1 RPM Winford Bradford Rutherford, replaced by RPM Bruce Miller in CARS 3 who is replaced by the Next Gen RPM.

So, it does not actually say EXCLUSIVE or even FIRST LOOK but the Amazon description says “exclusive.” but it might mean this 10-pack configuration design is an exclusive … but RPM is not listed as a single but the list ONLY goes to October so I think it’s safe to say RPM is coming in another configuration – perhaps even before 2017, the calendar year is out.

UPDATE – NOT even an Amazon exclusive so???

The Florida Race 10-Pack.

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